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We Are Different In The Way We Approach SEO for Dentists?

Every decision we make is based on getting you the best return on investment, from your marketing, for your SEO campaign. We only make money when you get patients. We want a long working relationship with you, not just quick wins. We stay abreast all of the changes in the SEO industry? We’re the first to know. Ever updating and adapting your SEO campaign.



Find the best keywords, we find what your (potential) patients search for.


Update and optimise your dental website for those keywords.


Create great content about your dental services with the keywords.


What You Really Need To Invest In

SEO is probably one of the few marketing tools that gives small businesses the opportunity to compete alongside existing players, larger companies with large budgets. Strictly speaking, SEO is technically free. Unlike PPC, you don’t need money or a daily budget to stay visible. Instead, you invest in web design, web development and content writing services.

Investment is the key to SEO, not just in the services we’ve already highlighted. You also need to invest time and effort if you’re going to run a SEO campaign, successfully. To beat the competition you’ll need to invest time and commit to producing content regularly, and analyse your results. and you’ll have to wait patiently for improvements.

Successful Search Engine Optimisation campaigns won’t deliver results overnight, over the first few weeks – or even over the very first few months. But, little-by-little over the long term, all of the effort will pay off and traffic will come to your website in the numbers needed to help beat your competitors. Speak to our specialist team today for affordable SEO services that will bring you sustainable, long-term results.


Marketing Has Dramatically Changed

The days of conventional marketing are all but gone. While they may still support a company’s overall brand awareness, their effectiveness has alway been hard to measure. Even in the digital world, Google Ads and other Pay Per Click (PPC) methods have their limitations,. Once the budget runs out…you disappear from view. 

That’s where SEO comes into its own:

  •  A huge budget isn’t required
  •  Unlike PPC, every dollar invested in SEO will deliver returns over time.

The great thing about SEO is that in part, it helps to level the playing field. That’s because a Google ranking can’t simply be bought; it has to be earned. Your rankings are dependent on the value that your site offers to online searchers with regard to how it answers the question they’re asking and ultimately, how it solves their problems.


How Our SEO As A Dental Marketing Channel Works

As a SEO company, we have spent 20+ years refining our SEO plans. The “SEO for Dentists” package is just one of many, created to meet the needs of and challenges of all types of businesses, of all sizes across Australia.

We approach SEO as a long-term process that requires a lot of care, time and attention to the smallest detail. When you work with us, you have a team of SEO experts, dedicated and working to continually improve your online presence and strengthen you as a digital brand. This is the best way to see the real results that you need.

Our SEO team has an arsenal of tools at our disposal help us know and learn about what your target market is searching for and to rank #1 for those search terms in organic search results. Laser focused on results, the Bambrick Media SEO team is always looking for ways to optimize elements of your website — code and content, whatever will get the best results for your business.


Why Even Dentists Must Use SEO As A Marketing Channel

SEO Is A Lead Generation Tool

People use Google to determine what dental services they need and who to get them from.

In just one day, Google processes over 40,000 internet searches per second. That is more than 3.5 BILLION searches every 24 hours. From that, about 88% go to organic results, this is where we’ll put you.

More Traffic And More Sales Than Every Other Source Combined

This is now how almost all buying decisions start, SEO has the potential to generate more traffic and land you more jobs than every other marketing channel combined. Online visibility is crucial to any organisation’s success, whatever they do.

Without a strong online presence, no organisation of any size will reach its full potential.

Achieve that degree of visibility by working with an established Brisbane SEO agency. With SEO at the heart of our service offerings, we will collaborate with you to obtain and maintain your online presence and drive quality online traffic your way.


What Work Will Be Involved In A SEO Campaign?

Keyword Recommendations

After some extensive details keyword research we provide you with a shortlist of the best keywords for your SEO campaign. When you are happy with your keywords, we get to work on the keyword mapping them to key pages on your site best suited for them.

Local Optimisation Report

Local SEO for dentists starts with a local optimisation report that will be produced so that your dental practices’ physical business address and phone number is publicly advertised. This is where we create and/or optimise existing Google My Business (GMB) and other local business listings across the world wide web with your business information.

On Page SEO Report

This report is a blueprint of all our website content and structural recommendations for the success of your SEO campaign. These detailed recommendations need to be implemented on your website so your dental practice website starts to show up prominently in search results.

Optimisation Implementation

Once you are happy with and have approved our on page SEO report, it’s time to implement it. Either we can implement the changes, or we will work with your current web team to ensure the changes are made correctly.

Off-Page Content Creation

We will also create content for distribution on other websites and social media. We also work on link building so that your website’s Domain Authority (DA) and ranking power continuously increases.



The Ultimate Guide To Ranking #1 In Google

Discover the same strategies we use at Bambrick to boost our clients’ organic rankings in the shortest amount of time possible.

The SEO strategies have developed from the hundreds of campaigns we’ve worked on over twenty years.

If you want to out maneuver and outrank your competition online and bring in a steady stream of organic leads, then book your free strategy session today.