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Want To Know How We Deliver The Best Local SEO For Doctors & Healthcare Businesses?

With corporate clients like you, we show you the benefits of local SEO from the perspective of getting more leads and more potential clients. In the context of medical treatment and services, this translates to reaching out to your potential patients. These could be your existing patients or people who have moved to the community who are looking for your service.

How Are We Different From Other SEO Agencies?

Every decision we make is based on getting you noticed. Visibility is as vital to you as it is to any businesses or organisations that we work with.

We are only as successful as the clients we look after. We care as much for their organisation as we do for our business. We’re in it for a long term relationship, not quick wins.

The SEO industry changes a lot. Google’s algorithm changes are a regular occurrence. We need to work with (not around) these constant changes.


Our SEO Packages’ Process and Timeline


Getting and verifying your Google My Business (GMB) Profile is essential to local search results. GMB allows you to list your address, contact details as well as the medical treatments and services you offer – and much more. This is the one of the first things we do because it’s one of the most important.

GMB is one pillar of a local SEO campaign. Creating local citations is the other. We take some of the details from a GMB profile and post them to dozens of online directory accounts that we create on your behalf. For citations, we focus on the consistent presentation of a medical practices’ name, address and phone number – referred to as NAP.

This consistency creates clear signals to Google about you – in fact, dozens of them. The greater the consistency, the higher your visibility will be.


Reviewing your current website content and looking at what you are being found for is the next major step in our SEO process. Once we have established where you are, we can create a SEO strategy for your content that will help take you to where you need to be. This starts with keyword research. This is the process of investigating the search terms (also known as a search query) that you need to be found for.

We then create a search query listing from the thousands of potential keywords to the ones needed to get you to the top page of Google, based on the budget assigned to your SEO campaign. Mapping the keywords shortlisted is the next step. We can either map them to existing pages on your website or we can create new pages. We choose by knowing what offers the best chance of getting the best Google rankings that we can for you.

As part of the content strategy is a technical SEO audit. We have our own auditing process that focuses on a website’s structure, underlying code and how Google is currently indexing your website. What you don’t see in your website set up, hidden from the users’ sight, is as important to Google as what you can see on your browser.

The point of compiling this online review of all of the necessary changes is to get your site to the top of Google SERPs. We include everything needed to get your website ranking this means us ensuring that you have the best ranking factors – from the consistent formatting of phone numbers, blog posts, to adding links to your social media sites. With our attention to detail you rank higher in organic search results.


This is when you implement all of the new content and structural changes identified in the SEO audit report. This is needed to get your medical practices website’s SEO Campaign noticed and ranked by search engines. If you have your own web team, then we’ll work with them to get this implementation processed.

Finally, reviewing all of the implementation for accuracy is the next crucial step. Since we’ve both invested a lot of budget, effort and time to get to this far, we need to be 100% sure that the implementation matches our findings and your requirements.


Now we’re getting you on the right track, we need to use some Google tools to measure progress:

  • Google Analytics (GA)
  • Google Search Console (GSC)
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM)

We could sit back and wait for Google to find and index the changes we’ve worked hard to produce, but instead, we have ways to get Google to index your website, on request, via GSC.

Creating even more content for distribution and link building is as important as creating content for your medical practices’ website. We’re absolutely great at producing content for other websites to link to yours, also. This is referred to as Off Page SEO.


An ongoing investment of time and budget will be used to grow your website’s Domain Authority (DA). This is facilitated creating great content for distribution and link building strategies. Every step of the way, we match great off-page content with equally great on-page content. This combination ensures your SEO campaign’s continual success.


Content Maybe King But...Context Is The Queen

Part of any good SEO means continuously turning out high quality content. The content produced should be written to showcase your specialities, as described above – search queries that lead visitors, which in turn lead to clients.

Content is a broad term that covers marketing pages text, blog posts, articles, videos, case studies and infographics. It’s really anything that provides value to visitors and is accessible to search engines. Not all content needs to sit on your website, publishing content on other websites and social media platforms also helps.

Any content marketing strategy should follow these guidelines:

Publish Content Frequently

Updating your site, as well as pointing to it on a regular basis lets Google know that it’s still active and indicates that you are taking the time and effort to actively promote your business. Produce quality, relevant content regularly.

Make Content That’s Tailored To Your Audience

Be as specific as possible, by writing about your area of expertise and make sure your website’s content is aimed at your audience. If you stray too far from your core area of speciality, you may confuse the audience and the search engine algorithms.

Try To Create Unique Content

Ideally the content on your site shouldn’t exist anywhere else on the web, if you do use content from a third party source, publish and reference that source . Never just copy and paste text from other websites onto yours. It will never rank as high as the original, it can also trigger a Google penalty, that can cause your site to drop in search rankings. There are also legal implications for breaching someone else’s copyright.


What You Really Need To Invest In

SEO is probably one of the few marketing tools that gives small businesses the opportunity to compete alongside existing players, larger companies with large budgets. Strictly speaking, SEO is technically free. Unlike PPC, you don’t need money or a daily budget to stay visible. Instead, you invest in web design, web development and content writing services.

Investment is the key to SEO, not just in the services we’ve already highlighted. You also need to invest time and effort if you’re going to run a SEO campaign, successfully. To beat the competition you’ll need to invest time and commit to producing content regularly, and analyse your results. and you’ll have to wait patiently for improvements.

Successful Search Engine Optimisation campaigns won’t deliver results overnight, over the first few weeks – or even over the very first few months. But, little-by-little over the long term, all of the effort will pay off and traffic will come to your website in the numbers needed to help beat your competitors.


Book Your A SEO For Doctors & Medical Websites Strategy Session Today

Find out how your medical practice can use SEO to connect with the community. SEO for medical websites can apply to doctors and healthcare businesses wherever they are situated anywhere in Australia. This includes SEO for hospitals, doctors, medical centres, private healthcare practices. There will be something we can do for you.



Why Medical Professionals Need SEO To Stay Connected With The Community


People use Google to determine who is best placed to provide them with the treatment they and/ or their family need. By using our SEO services, we’ll make sure that your medical expertise and experience is in the SERPs listings that they see first.

Google processes more than 40,000 internet searches per second, every day of the year. That’s more than 3.5 BILLION searches every 24 hours. 88% of the search results go to organic SERPs. If you’re not in that 88%, you won’t connect with the people you need to.


SEO has the potential to generate more traffic and more leads than every other marketing channel combined, even Google Ads or any other pay per click marketing channel can’t compete.

Your online visibility is crucial to your patients. without the strong online presence you need, you won’t reach those who need to when they need to.

Achieve that degree of visibility by working with an established Brisbane SEO agency that only ever uses established white hat SEO techniques. With SEO at the core of our business, we will collaborate with you to obtain and maintain your online visibility that drives quality qualified traffic to your medical practice website.