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Google’s Central Role In Our SEO For Financial Planners Marketing Strategy

Everything begins with Google searches. Getting organic Google traffic to your website (not your competitor’s site) requires delivering high quality content. At the simplest level, it requires:

  • Web pages – that are crafted, SEO optimised pages to draw Google’s attention to the services that you offer
  • Blog posts – designed to demonstrate to potential clients your expertise in the financial industry

This is not a one-off process, SEO is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. You need to continually optimise your website to ensure that you continue to rank high in Google and drive organic traffic in ever increasing volumes. Over time, your website rank will accrue Domain Authority (DA), meaning that when people search for what you do, you are at the top of SERPs.


What You Really Need To Invest In

SEO is probably one of the few marketing tools that gives small businesses the opportunity to compete alongside existing players, larger companies with large budgets. Strictly speaking, SEO is technically free. Unlike PPC, you don’t need money or a daily budget to stay visible. Instead, you invest in web design, web development and content writing services.

Investment is the key to SEO, not just in the services we’ve already highlighted. You also need to invest time and effort if you’re going to run a financial planner SEO campaign successfully. To beat the competition you’ll need to invest time and commit to producing content regularly, and analyse your results. and you’ll have to wait patiently for improvements.

Search Engine Optimisation campaigns won’t deliver results overnight, over the first few weeks – or even over the very first few months. But, little-by-little over the long term, all of the effort will pay off and traffic will come to your website in the numbers needed to help beat your competitors. Our team can help your business grow with a custom SEO package to suit every budget.

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How Can We Help Get Your SEO for Financial Services Firms To Rank In Google?

With our guidance, every decision you make to promote you will be based on getting you the maximum return on investment.

We’re here to grow two businesses - yours and ours. As you make money, so do we. We’re in it for the long haul, not a set of quick wins.

We keep across the SEO industry changes and shake ups. We’re the first to know, and you’ll be the second, Our SEO team keeps you up to date.


To deliver SEO for Financial Advisors is what we want to do best!


Your Custom SEO for Financial Planners Package Includes

Website Health Check

Your financial company website audit or ‘health check’ helps identify areas which may be impeding positive user experiences. As part of a website audit, our team will analyse your site’s content, structure, navigation.

We look for broken links, test page speed, check if it’s mobile friendly and more – we take a deep dive and look for all of the underperforming elements of your website and then plan to fix them all.

Keyword Research

This is the most important part of an SEO campaign as it underpins everything. We take the time to conduct some keyword research best illustrated when split it to two activities with one final aim:

The first activity is the process of identifying the right keywords for your target audience, we ask ourselves – how would they find you?

The second activity is what keywords best describe what you offer. Here, we simply ask ourselves – what do you have to offer?

This is done with one final aim in mind – matching your offer to the people who need it.

We use a range of tools and techniques to identify the best seo keywords, and 20+ years of practicing hope to get it done right.

Updates to Google’s algorithm have made local search more important than ever before. To increase your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) visibility, westart with Google My Business (GMB) optimisation and a citations campaign. These two combined give you an all important local SEO boost.

This process is repeated for every physical address your business has. Ranking high locally first will add strength to any future efforts you plan for expansion in the future.

On Page SEO

By optimising on-page signals (also known as ranking factors) such as content, page title, meta titles, meta descriptions, keywords, images and alt tags and internal links, we can strengthen your SEO. We also help search engines better understand your website.

This helps to improve your site’s search engine rankings and overall online visibility, pushing it closer to the top results on SERPs where the majority of clicks go.

Off Page SEO

Search engines also use off ranking factors, including backlinks, shared content and brand mentions on social media – to judge the quality and relevance of your site.

Bambrick Media’s Brisbane SEO experts use the best search engine-friendly link building techniques to build a natural backlink profile with a strong emphasis on quality over quantity, over time.

Link Cleanup

As part of our SEO services, we will look at all of the inbound links coming to your site. We then grade their quality:

  • Low Domain Authority (DA) &
  • High SPAM Score

Then we remove all of these potentially damaging ones.

It’s best not to wait until you receive an unnatural link warning from Google before cleaning up your backlinks. Links are one of the most important ranking signals in SEO and you just shouldn’t take any chances.

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Gaining The Competitive Edge Is Why You Need Financial Advisor SEO

SEO Is The Biggest And Best Lead Generation Tool

People use Google to shop around for financial products, by using our SEO services, we can make sure that your business is the one they come across first.

The number alone justifies why you need help with SEO. In a day, Google processes more than 40,000 internet searches per second. That’s more than 3.5 BILLION searches every 24 hours. From that, about 88% go to organic search results.

More Traffic, More Leads And More Sales

Given this is how most, if not all, buying decisions start, SEO has the potential to generate more traffic and more sales than every other marketing channel combined. Online visibility is crucial to business success. Without a strong online presence, a business or company of any size won’t reach its fullest potential.

Achieve that degree of visibility by working with a Brisbane SEO agency that only uses white hat SEO techniques. With SEO at the core of our service offerings, we will collaborate with your team to obtain and maintain your online visibility and drive quality traffic to your site.



How SEO For Planners & Finance Professionals Works

Search Engine Optimisation is a long-term strategy and investment. It requires a lot of time and attention to get the best results. Having our team of SEO Brisbane specialists dedicated to working alongside you to improve your online visibility and strengthen your digital presence, is the best way to see real results.

SEO involves us using our arsenal of tools to learn what your target market is searching for and to rank #1 for those search terms. Our results-driven Brisbane SEO team optimises elements of your website — this usually includes code and content — so that Google sees your business as the relevant and more authoritative source on that topic.

Therefore, We Keep Our SEO process simple…

  1. Find the most appropriate keywords.
  2. Optimise your site for those keywords.
  3. Create content about your relevance to those keywords.

Find out all about the strategies we use at Bambrick Media to boost our clients’ organic rankings in the shortest amount of time possible by booking your free strategy session.