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How SEO can help your real estate business

Bambrick Media has some outstanding services that we provide to meet the demands of the real estate industry. As specialists in the property sales industry, we understand the difficulty of standing out from the crowd. 

These services are built around sustainable Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) methods and processes. We’ve distilled these services to focus on two areas of your market:

  • SEO for real estate investors
  • SEO for real estate agents

This approach will increase the visibility of any real estate website in any location. We’ve taken the hyper-localised approach to SEO from the retail sector and applied it to the real estate industry. This provides the solution to the daily challenge all real estate brokers and agents face, connecting home buyers to your list of homes for sale.

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How Does SEO For Real Estate Work?

As with all organisations looking for buyers, everything in SEO is about ranking high in search engines. That means when someone searches for something like “homes for sale”, then you appear above the competition. The list of links that you appear in are known as Organic Search Results Pages (SERPs).

With real estate being highly competitive, it’s essential to gain the competitive edge by utilising the digital marketing channel of SEO. Getting us in to design your SEO strategy is a starting point toward you outranking your competitors.

Real estate investment and SEO are similar. Both must be approached as a long-term investment for the future prosperity of your business. The processes of getting you to outrank the competition starts with choosing the right search terms, also known as “keywords”.

Keywords are essentially what people will type into Google to find properties for sale, rent or/ and investment purposes. Detailed keyword research is all about understanding the needs of your target audience, then matching those needs to the services you provide. Choosing the right keywords is an essential component of any effective SEO strategy.

This crucial part of the SEO marketing strategy can be distilled into three simple steps.

  1. Finding the best keywords. We conduct extensive research and investigate what keywords your target audience types into Google when searching for property.
  2. Optimising your real estate website for those keywords is the next step. We have a number of keyword plans to suit any budget. We select the best for that budget.
  3. Create great content about your real estate business and how your unique offering matches the aspirations of thousands of Australian who want to buy their own home.


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Did you find this page by typing in to Google words like “SEO for real estate investors” or “SEO for real estate agents”? Having found us amongst all of our fierce competitors and clicking to read about these services is exactly how we will do for your business.



What The Custom SEO For Real Estate Agents And Investors Package Includes

Results driven, sustainable SEO involves using our arsenal of tools to learn what your target market is searching for and to rank #1 for those search terms. As with anything, tools are only part of the equation. It takes the knowledge that our SEO team has accrued over many years, working on hundreds of SEO campaigns. It’s this experience that allows us to specialise in  optimising your real estate website.

Our experienced SEO team will optimise elements of your website so that you have the best chance of ranking for the keywords. This usually includes code and content so that Google sees your business as the relevant and more authoritative source on that topic. Getting the rankings is one thing, maintaining them is another. This is why we’ll continually optimise your website, ensuring that you stay where you belong – #1.

There are many processes involved in running a SEO campaign, regardless of the budget we run every campaign the same way. here are just three of those processes:

At the centre of our Local SEO Campaign is your Google My Business (GMB) profile. This is one of the most invaluable assets you have as a local business. Some SEO for real estate campaigns lend themselves to a hyper-localised SEO approach. The means we can focus on localities such as neighborhoods, towns, streets, and spots located near well-known landmarks. As opposed to the standard ‘local SEO’, which would normally stop at cities, districts, or regions.

When running SEO campaigns for the real estate industry GMB is essentially another communications channel. GMB can allow your business to post articles. It will help you promote “special” offers, post images and even list the properties you have for sale, rent or for investment. It’s a dream of a tool for combining local SEO and content marketing strategies.

2. On Page SEO

This is a process of fine tuning your real estate website. We ensure that every detail is as it should be so your website is optimised to be useful to users and ranked well by Google. 

We create strong on-page signals such as: optimised marketing content, blog posts, keywords, meta descriptions, images and their alt tags. We can tweak and refine your SEO campaign to help search engines better understand your website. This process also ensures that the website is optimised for mobile devices too, being mobile friendly is essential.

Over this, attention to detail will help to improve your site’s search engine rankings and visibility. You will rise to the top results on SERPs and stay higher above your competitors. On Page SEO for Realtors is an ongoing process that evolves over time as Google updates its algorithms. Google never stops updating algorithms, we never stop optimising.

3. Off Page SEO

Search engines also use a vast array of off page SEO signals to rank websites. Basically, Off-Page SEO refers to all of the activities that you and others do away from your website – on other websites including social media. It is invaluable because it tells the search engines that your website is important to others on the web. It does this by seeing that other websites mention you, other people talk about you, pictures are posted about you etc.

More specifically, these signals include ranking factors such as backlinks, shared content and brand mentions on social media. Combined, these signals allow Google to judge the quality and relevance of your real estate website. Bambrick Media’s Brisbane SEO experts use search engine-friendly techniques to reach out to publishers. We build relationships that will help us develop a website’s backlink profiles, increasing your website’s profile and creating more signals.

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If you’re involved in the real estate industry, then talk to us about how we can tailor our services to business aspiration. Which one of these would best suit you?

  • SEO for real estate agents
  • SEO for real estate investors



Why SEO Is Essential Getting You The Competitive Advantage

SEO is about building better relationships with your target audience, allowing you to improve the customer experience while increasing your real estate industry authority. By driving more people to your real estate website, you’ll get that all important edge over your competitors.

Things don’t stop there. What’s the use of riding all that traffic if you can’t convert it? Our SEO campaigns are designed to increase traffic and convert more of it. By conversion, we mean getting people to contact you, whether that be via a form, phone number or simply sending you an email. Ultimately this means more sales, more loyal customers, and more growth for your business.

SEO Is A Lead Generation Tool

People use Google to determine everything, from where to live to what to invest in. By working with us, using our expertise, together, we can ensure that your real estate listings are amongst the ones they see in Google SERPs.

Today 40,000 Australians searched the internet every second. The same happened yesterday and this will be repeated every day, for the foreseeable future. That’s a huge 3.5 BILLION search every 24 hours. 

From those figures, about 88% go to organic results, this is why SEO for real estate websites is not an option, it is a requirement.

While these statistics may appear daunting, to us it’s a challenge that we rise to meet, day-in-day-out. This is what we’ve done for over 20 years for hundreds of clients.  You need to get the best-qualified leads for your business, from organic SEO traffic. We will work with you to get you what you need using our specialist SEO services.

SEO Can Deliver More Traffic And That Means More Sales

Practically all research about investment and purchasing decisions that people are interested in begins online.  Using SEO for any real estate related activity has the potential to generate more traffic and (in turn) more sales than every other marketing channel combined. 

It’s not an overstatement when we tell businesses that their online visibility is crucial to their future success. Without a strong online presence, your business will not survive in the modern marketplace. Even the largest global brands know this. They’re some of the biggest investors in the digital space.

Work with us to achieve the level of visibility you need to thrive and survive, we’ll be an extension, delivering the results you need.  

All of our campaigns make the best use of the latest best practices, we combine sustainable SEO strategies, with tried and tested white hat SEO techniques. Combined this ensures that you get the best results from SEO for real estate companies regardless of Google algorithm changes. Basically, we future proof your SEO campaign.

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SEO is at the core of our service offerings, and has been for over 20 years. We will collaborate with you and your team to grow and maintain your online visibility by driving quality traffic to your real estate website.

Find out what our custom SEO For Real Estate packages can do for you and your business.