From search engine optimisation to web development and hosting, Bambrick Media provides a range of digital marketing solutions to our clients. We pride ourselves on the quality and adaptability of our digital solutions, which is why our hosting platform is already secured from recently discovered web-threat, Shellshock.

Discovered on a hunch by a French security researcher, Shellshock targets a loophole in Linux software, Bash, which has been used worldwide for 25 years. It’s a bug that allows hackers to insert code onto your computer desktop and run it remotely via the internet. Quite the threat to anyone who likes their data kept private.

In a nutshell, Shellshock gives hackers the opportunity to gain far-reaching access to your programs and files, cause a lot of damage and essentially take control of your computer.

You’ll be glad to know, however, that all of Bambrick’s web-hosting clients are already secure and protected from this worldwide threat. Our servers are kept up to date and secure, so we were able to protect against Shellshock as soon as it was discovered.

You can rest easy knowing your hosting is in our capable hands!

If your website is not already hosted by Bambrick Media in Brisbane — or you would like to enquire about our web hosting and other marketing services, including SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Google AdWords, Social Media Marketing and Website Design — contact us today.

To read more about the Shellshock bug, click here.

Photo Credit (Flickr)