If you are experiencing issues with accessing your website, your IP address may currently be blocked by our Firewall.

We are able to remove IP blocks on request, you just need to either submit a request or talk with our technical staff either on live chat or over the phone.

A common error message that shows the IP being blocked is.

  • Your connection to this server has been blocked in this server’s firewall. (most likely due to excessive login failures)

This error means that the server has blocked your IP address for a number of reasons. This may, as the error suggests, be due to excessive login failures. It can also occur if the website code is triggering the website firewall called ModSecurity.

If this keeps occurring then it is highly likely that there is something in the website code that is triggering ModSecurity. This is especially the case if you cannot browse the website, but can get email or login to cPanel/WHM.

The issue may be caused by any plugins or modules your site is using. We may be able to assist you in rectifying this, but please note that Crucial are unable to provide any coding support.