Do you ever look at all the social media profiles there are around these days and just go, “Huh?”

Where do you even start, right? And how are any of these even going to help your business’s marketing campaign?

It can be incredibly confusing, especially knowing when, where, and how these different services will even make the slightest dint.

One thing we can say for certain though is this:

Google’s services are extremely important for any business’s SEO campaign.

Why Google Services?

Think of Google’s services like their own personal consolidation of verified, confirmed, real businesses. It’s their way of discovering the genuine and authentic businesses out there, and knowing that your business is a valid one — which makes sense. There are millions of websites out there, and for all Google knows, your website could be spam.

What’s even better than just simply creating your business listing is populating it with images, your logo, and also updating it.

Try to think of your Google page as if it were just like any other social media profile. It needs to be updated with what’s going on with your business, and it needs to be maintained.

What’s more, Google also has the facility for customers to leave reviews. You can’t leave bad reviews unanswered, especially if you are trying to address potential issues. Google also consolidates these reviews and displays them in search results (so the more reviews, and the higher they are, the better).

The best part about your Google page, particularly if you are a local business, is that any business with a Google page will be given precedence over businesses that don’t. You can’t afford to miss out on that!

Just remember that having a Google page is just one aspect in the big, complex world of SEO. There are many, many things that affect your rankings within Google, and Google is constantly changing and evolving with updates to meet their users’ demands. But — you’ll be that little bit closer to climbing up the rankings and getting your business out there, and driving more traffic to your website.

In the end, Google’s ultimate goal is providing great user experiences for their searchers. So if you’ve got your business on Google, then you’re one step closer in the right direction.

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