If you are not online, your competitors are. They are stealing your customers, while you scratch your head and think it’s the colour of your store, or that you play Leonard Cohen instead of Lady Gaga.

This is the generation of technology — my girlfriend’s grandma owns an iPad 2, and she is 77. She uses it too. Before she goes out to a fancy restaurant that is going to cost roughly the same as a mortgage payment for some people, she will check the menu, look up reviews to guarantee she will enjoy the experience. She also buys apps for banking, fun and communication. She spends money online.

Then there is my partner’s niece.

I only mention these two as they both live here in Brisbane.

She is 3.

Her parents bought her an iPad mini.

She loves those new cartoon movies like Frozen, The Croods, etc., and when she sees one that comes on T.V, she will kick and scream and throw a tantrum until Daddy buys that movie for her on the iPad

Imagine that — a 3-year-old shopping online.

There is no need to say a single thing about the rest of us between the ages of 3 and 77 as we are all hooked on technology. A Yellow Pages is used to sit our laptop on while we Google things, use Stumbleupon or watch pirated movies (that the owner of the website makes a killing from).

If your business is not #1 in Google for whatever terms your target market searches — you are losing out on a staggering amount of business. Studies done in 2012 by some of the SEO folks online brought to fruition a map that states over 50% of all clicks on the first page of Google go to the top ranked site.

There are even viral memes on Facebook about the vast wastelands beyond Google’s first page of rankings.

If you are #2, you’ll be lucky to get 15%.

If you aren’t on the first page, prepare for a knock on the door because it’ll be the liquidators.

Over 80% of the population in Australia use the internet.

Just wait until they find out how to really use it.

You’ll find that they go to Amazon.com.au for product reviews before they buy the Wiggly Gut Burner 5000. They’ll probably never know that a lot of companies “buy” Amazon reviews by going to a website like Elance.com and paying people $2 per review. Things like this are the ugly underbelly of the internet — but is extremely common.

That’s our business — we know what everyone is doing to get ahead online.

When it comes to an online presence, you need a website.

That much is obvious.

But not just any website — it needs to be easy to use, intuitive, appealing, trustworthy, and it has to be responsive to a mobile user, or a desktop user.

Then you need traffic to go to that website — but not just any traffic.

You need traffic that is seriously interested in what product or service you have to sell.

Then… Once they are there, you have to convince them that you are the best and that they are going to be so satisfied when they buy your widget, that they’ll want to return over and over again.

Then, you have to have some way of getting the widget to them — this could be in the form of Paypal, credit card merchants, drop shipping or owning… wait for it… an actual physical place where real people, put real merchandise into real boxes and send it to people.

Then, of course, there are a few small things like brand management, domains, hosting, social media, and other online facets of business. But that is what we do.

We build the perfect site, bring in the perfect customers, get them to buy from you, all the while simultaneously testing, tracking and optimising your campaigns to get you more unique visitors, higher conversion rates and more profit.

Ex (expert website) + Qt (qualified traffic) + HCr (high conversion rate) = more profit than before.

Leave the “Online marketing” ledger to us.

Digital marketing will continue to increase in importance as customers increasingly turn to search engines like Google to find the products and services they’re looking for. As a leading Brisbane SEO company, we can help you rank favourably for your most important search terms, increasing your online visibility and placing your business in front of ready-to-buy customers. To learn more about our Search Engine Optimisation, Pay-Per-Click and Social Media Marketing services, contact the team by calling (07) 3216 1151, or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you.