Once an IP has been added to your remarketing list, banners will begin to show around the AdSense network while your customers are browsing the web, encouraging return visits. However, we all know these ads can’t show forever.

When we set up your remarketing campaign, we ask you a lot about your customer buying cycle — that is, the typical length of time from when someone begins thinking about your product/service to when they make a purchase. This varies from industry to industry and is entirely dependent on your business. For example, we find that the typical buying cycle for a car is around three months, while that of a funeral home is closer to three days.

So as not to annoy your customers for longer than necessary, but also to ensure your ads show for long enough for someone to make a decision, we set the cycle time of your remarketing ads depending on your individual business. If you’re not sure, your account manager will be able to help you make the right decision. And remember, the cycle time is always adjustable.

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