The question, “How long does Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) take?” is like asking how long it takes to grow a plant…

What kind of plant are you thinking of growing — an oak tree or a basil plant?

Have you ever grown a plant before?

What kind of climate are you going to grow it in?

Will there be other plants around?

The questions could go on forever.

Similarly, the questions around timelines for a successful SEO campaign are seemingly endless, and in reality, there is no answer.

We usually expect at least a 6-month minimum before clients can start to see true ROI from an SEO campaign. However, there are hundreds of factors that may affect this, and no two campaigns will be the same. Some take years, while others will only take a few months to climb to the top of Google’s coveted first position rank.

Factors such as the competitiveness of an industry, the age of your website, and the way in which it is coded are all pieces to the puzzle. A comprehensive website analysis and obligation-free SEO strategy session will assist you in determining if SEO is right for you, and how long a campaign would likely take.

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