The Flatiron Building, NYC

With the number of apartment developments underway across Brisbane, giving your next project an identity, something that goes deeper than just a name, is a must.

All great projects have an identity and while the name itself is important, there’s more to giving a property development a powerful identity than a name alone.

No matter how catchy or appealing that name may be.

This isn’t only important for immediate sales, especially seeing that most apartment blocks are marketed off-plan and developers seek to sell a number of units before construction begins, as it needs to maintain its identity after construction is completed and all units have been sold.

Along with maintaining — and improving — the equity in the property for the owner, there’s also the matter of the prestige, reputation and trust afforded to the developer in the long-term.

Any development a developer puts their name to forms part of their portfolio — one which is on display publicly — and with the wealth of information at buyers’ fingertips, they will be looking.

Branding a development with a powerful personality that runs deeper than the name and extends throughout — from the exterior through to the interior — empowers developers to draw upon its success for future projects.

Creating a strong identity for projects is vital to success, but where many developers put a foot wrong when creating the personality of a development is finalising the design phase before giving thought to its identity.

To create a lasting identity for a project, developers must think about the development inside out  — consider the interior and exterior and the influence both have on the identity it portrays — and start planning the identity right from the inception of the project.

Development project branding is a unique process as it essentially entails branding and creating an identity for something that doesn’t yet exist.  

Some projects, like Henry Hall in New York City, have been given a unique identity complete with a personality based around a fictitious character. In this case, ‘Henry’.

Originally the local pack appeared down below the organic listings and showed 7 businesses:

Henry Hall, NYC

IF Studio, a New York-based lifestyle branding agency, was given the task of fusing the history and cultural tradition of the site with the modern concept of merged condo and hotel living.

“Henry Hall is the first of its kind – a community and a destination – like the boutique hotel you never want to leave or the members-only club where everyone’s welcome,” says Amy Frankel of IF Studio, “Henry Hall is your own personalised gateway to the city, redefining luxury for a new generation of New Yorkers.”

Most developers won’t, however, find the need to go to such an extent, as it’s possible to create an identity reflective of the inspiration for the project that also lends itself well to its immediate surroundings — in terms of aesthetics — and the neighbourhood in which it’s placed.

Project Feature: London Residences, West End

London Residences, West End 

There are several candidates in Brisbane for a property development that’s been successfully branded and given a powerful personality, with London Residences by Ferro Property Group one of the most outstanding.

This upmarket establishment features three two-story ‘Manors’, two ‘Terrace Residences’ and 22 three-bedroom ‘Residences’, and reflects the iconic style of London while complementing the vibrancy of Brisbane’s cultural heart, West End.

This is clearly evident in the design. The warmth of the handcrafted timber accents is inspired by its namesake city while the cool, light atmosphere of its internal and external spaces reflects the Queensland lifestyle.

The same sense of style flows throughout the building, from the facade and foyer through the apartments to the rooftop resort-style facilities that provide sweeping city and river views.

Unlike some Brisbane developments which look out of place with the immediate surroundings, London successfully combines its traditional influences with modern flair, effortlessly merging with the existing West End landscape.

With the project aimed at high-end buyers seeking luxurious West End living, the developers didn’t want the project to look like it was placed there, so immersion with its surroundings, not placement, was paramount.

“We wanted to ensure London Residences were immersed in West End, rather than being a ‘drop-in’ development, and we were committed to taking the Residences to a new level; far, far removed from the very general and cluttered offer across Brisbane,” says developer Marco Ferro.

With London Residences widely considered one of the most innovative projects seen in Brisbane for years, it truly is “a very exciting project,” one “inspired by its namesake, the iconic city of London and all that it represents in terms of style, music, fashion, space and more.”

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Image Credits — The Urban Developer, Ferro Property Group, Brad Smith