Sales funnel sprung a leak? Apply these content creation tips like a plumber patches pipes and stop your marketing spend going down the drain.

ToFu, MoFu, BoFu … Chances are you know that these aren’t excellent sources of protein and micronutrients, but shorthand references to the three positions on the sales funnel — top, medium and bottom of the funnel. The sales funnel is a purchasing process which customers are led through when buying a product or service from a company like yours, that starts with the “awareness stage”, moves onto the “evaluation stage” and proceeds to the “purchase stage”.

Sales funnels are rightly seen by many marketers and businesspeople as the foundation of both growth and revenue, so gaining a good understanding of how leads are treated at each stage — and the content produced to target them — is essential to turning prospects into customers.

ToFu — Top of the funnel — Attract & convert

As this is the awareness stage, the audience that you’re looking to attract will be quite broad. What’s more, you won’t be attempting to filter the traffic you receive, nor will you be trying for conversions. The content that you produce should revolve around specific pain points and needs, and provide answers, insights, opinions and resources that address these issues.

This content should be educational in that it provides a learning experience and helps your prospects to solve a problem or fulfil a need, without making it obvious that you’re intentionally promoting your business. Blogs and social media posts are good examples of ToFu content.

MoFu — Middle of the funnel — Nurture

Now that you’ve got your prospects’ attention by providing them with answers and resources that help them address their pain points and needs, it’s time to provide your solutions and start pushing your brand. It’s at this stage of the funnel that you start informing your prospects what you have to offer and why your business, products and services are the right choice for them.

However, be careful how you go about doing this and make sure that the content you’re issuing is educational and informative. As many prospects will still not be ready to purchase, it’s vital to continue providing them with something valuable (content offers, case studies, videos, etc.) which helps them, as this will further position your business as the solution that they’ve been looking for. Including customer testimonials in your content will aid you in achieving this.

How you engage your prospects — and how credible you appear by doing so — is crucially important at this stage. There’s a fine line to tread, so be sure to continue offering something of value while positioning your business as the service provider (solution provider) of choice.

BoFu — Bottom of the funnel — Close

The content produced at this stage of the funnel should address how the prospect’s specific pain points and needs will be met by your business’s offerings (products and/or services). Essentially, at this stage, you’ll be looking to fully qualify your most interested leads and overcome any objections a prospective customer may have about buying from you.

Depending on the industry and the content produced so far, strong offers like free consultations, demos and seminars tend to work well, and the information provided should focus on assisting the decision-making process. Don’t be afraid to use urgency or scarcity to expedite the process and compel prospects to act, however, if you do, make sure that urgency or scarcity is genuine.

The art of producing content for the three sales funnel stages lies in matching the right content with your ideal customer’s needs at each stage of the sales funnel — top, medium and bottom. That means creating a buyer persona for each of your customer types is essential, as having a solid understanding of your target audience, their pain points, needs and the way they’re likely to seek solutions, enables you to create content that effectively targets them at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

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