In the previous post, we saw why remarketing is so powerful and some of the potential, but actually implementing remarketing campaigns is a whole new game.

Implementation of remarketing — with an example

Let’s say you have a website selling mattresses, and you run ads on Google. A visitor clicks on your ad, and then for some reason, they leave. Now, you don’t know exactly why, but a visitor leaves some very handy hints.
If they visit your home page and leave straight away, it may be because they haven’t seen the mattress that they want, or its too expensive, or they didn’t like your moustache in the profile about the owner.
Whatever the reason, with remarketing, you can set up specific lists based on the behaviour of your visitors.
For example, you could do something like this:
List 1 – People who left the website after adding a specific product to the shopping cart.
Ad 1 – Display ads to these people showing that you are having some sort of value or price reductions. You could try a 10% discount on that item when purchased within 48 hours, throwing in free bed coverings, or doing a discounted shipping rate.
List 2 – People who left without adding a product to the shopping cart, but still browsed around your website
Ad 2 – Display an ad to these people showing you are having a 15% off store-wide clearance sale
List 3 – People who left your site after just landing on your home page
Ad 3 – These people may have left because they felt your site either didn’t look credible or trustworthy enough. You could try displaying credibility indicators such as awards your business has won for quality products, or customer testimonials.

Any business can use remarketing to increase revenues

Lawyer in Brisbane?
Set up remarketing campaigns for visitors who spend different amounts of time on your website (the longer a visitor spends, the more seriously they will be considering hiring you as their litigator).
Run a carpet cleaning business?
Set up different campaigns for people who visit your Prices page, your different categories of Services such as Residential, Commercial, Emergency Stain Removal etc.
Manufacture software programs?
Set up a specific remarketing ad and list for each customer that visits different products, or ads a product to the shopping cart, and then abandons without purchase.

Further options for remarketing in your business

  • Marketing to existing customers

If you have customers who actually end up purchasing through your website, you can target them (because they will land on a “Confirmation”, or “Invoice” page). You can inform them about new product releases, add-ons and other potentially interesting products.

  • Event marketing

When a customer visits your site and then leaves, you can set up a list to target them with ads communicating upcoming events they may be interested in. This could be a product launch, a presentation, meeting, forum or a networking event.
The power in this sort of marketing is exponential — your customer has seen your brand, and now, they are starting to see your ads on credible websites and you appear to be dominating the market.
This is true brand awareness and market penetration in action — the increases in market share we are seeing with remarketing is a powerful testament to the success of it.
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