You have possibly heard the term ‘remarketing’, but do you really know what it means for your business?

In the simplest terms, remarketing allows you to show ads and retarget to visitors who have been to your website or app in the past.

Now, if you’re savvy, you will know that it costs far more to gain new customers than to retain existing customers and loyalty. So why wouldn’t you want to show your ads again to these people who left your website?

It’s also easier to sell to people who know your brand and have visited your website before, than to somebody who has never heard of your website or brand.

Here’s why remarketing is such a powerful tool:

Credibility and Authority

When you implement a remarketing campaign on Google, your ads will be seen on any one of over 2 million sites in Google’s Display Network. These sites include major news sites, famous blogs, and websites such as and When your customers see your ads on important, authoritative sites such as these, they associate your brand with this authority and see your business as more credible and trusted.

Targeting Hot Traffic

When a customer visits your site, they do so because there is a want or a need they wish to fulfil. For some reason, they left your website — but you don’t know why. Perhaps the customer’s child started crying, maybe they were working on something or left because they thought your prices were too high.

With remarketing, you can retarget the same customers in all sorts of ways — from a new special offer to simply reinforcing your brand. You can have many different remarketing campaigns running simultaneously to encourage visitors to return, to finalise that purchase, or be continually reminded of your brand and business.

Target Cart Abandoners

Millions of shopping carts are regularly abandoned on the web. Have you ever found something you really liked on a website, chucked it in your shopping cart, and then completely forgot about it?

When somebody adds a product to the shopping cart, they seriously want it, but they just need some extra information and encouragement to make the purchase. You can easily tailor ads specifically to these customers — who are far more likely to purchase from you the second time, as now they know your brand.

How Does Remarketing Work?

Google provides a code that gets placed on your website so that when a visitor comes to your site, a cookie is placed on their computer. This cookie allows Google to show ads about your site, to that person specifically. Once you have enough visitors, you can begin creating lists however they may aid your campaign goals.

More importantly now…

Why Does Remarketing Work?

In marketing strategy, the “buying cycle” is really important. A potential customer starts from knowing nothing about your brand. The first time they see it, it’s something new, and therefore, they have no trust in your brand at all. It’s like when you meet somebody new — first impressions always count, but it’s a while before you call them a friend or somebody you trust. What’s more, some products take more consideration than others. A car, for example, usually takes a customer a longer period of time to make the buying decision in comparison to say, a piece of clothing.

With remarketing, you are building up your brand trust and loyalty in their eyes as they start to see your ads around the Internet. You build up your awareness, and they subconsciously start to trust your brand more. Then you give them some information to increase the trust, and then it is far easier for sales to eventuate.

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