Pay-per-click advertising campaigns can be set up and run by office juniors in just minutes. And they often are. But is that really what you want?

Whether you’re spending, 1,2,10 or 100k per month on pay-per-click advertising…Ask yourself this…

  • Are you over the moon with your current return on investment?
  • Is your current campaign wildly and insanely profitable?
  • Are you shovelling more money into it every chance you get, because when you do it just keeps multiplying?

If not, the more important question is WHY? 
WHY is your campaign nowhere near as profitable as it should be?
Is it the ad text?
The creative?
The keywords?
The audiences?
The landing page?
The call to action?
It’s either
1. The guy or girl running the thing OR
2. The time they spend on it. (Or don’t spend)

You see while pay-per-click campaigns CAN pretty much run on autopilot….

But when they do, they are usually only 2 people…

And neither of them is YOU.

The first person making money with campaigns on autopilot is the platform (Google or Facebook).

The platform gets paid on the CLICK, not on the conversion. So it’s in their interest that you SPEND as much as possible.

The second person getting rich on campaigns on autopilot is the guy/girl running the thing.

Charging you a fee to point some traffic at your site, regardless of whether it converts or not. The less time they spend on your campaign, the better (for them).

So what’s the fix? 

  • Turn off the autopilot
  • Get someone with the right experience in the driver’s seat
  • Pay them to enough to make your campaign a priority.

Turn off the autopilot

If your campaigns aren’t delivering you a phenomenal return on investment + you’re paying cheap management fees, then you’ve got a decision to make.

Option 1 – Keep your cheap fees and your crappy campaign and resolve yourself to the fact you’re never going to know what was truly possible.

Option 2 – Pony up and pay a professional that’s built countless profitable campaigns before to do the same for you.

Put the right person in the driver’s seat

Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky were each the highest points scorers in their respective sports for a reason.

Not only did they score more points than anyone else, but they also missed more shots than anyone else… because they’d taken more.

The point is you need someone in the driver’s seat that has built highly profitable campaigns over and over and over and over again.

Having worked with, recruited and trained people like this I can tell you three things about them:

  • They are hard to find. Amateurs are available in droves but the true specialists at this stuff are few and far between.
  • They are expensive. when you make a lot of money for a lot of people you can charge pretty much whatever you like and people will pay for it

Their time is limited and in high demand. Therefore if you want their attention to be on your campaign instead of somebody else’s you are going to have to pay for it.

Pay them

Yes, you can find someone cheaper. You can probably find 100.

But cheap doesn’t = profitable.

And it definitely doesn’t = insanely profitable…

So profitable that you will want to invest every single dollar you can find.

Because every $1 in just means another $10 out…

For you, in your bank account, ongoingly.

The only way to achieve that is to:

  • Find the absolute best people you can and then
  • Pay them properly so they can spend the time on your campaign it deserves, to make it as profitable as humanly possible.

Or not. I guess that’s up to you.