Defining a lead

A lead is a potential customer. Someone who has expressed an interest in your product or service.

While that seems fairly straightforward, leads come in a range of different shapes and sizes. What we mean by that, is they aren’t created the same and have varying levels of interest and interaction with your business. Awareness around these differences can be what magically turns prospects into sales.

Let’s take a quick look at the different types of leads:

  • Marketing qualified lead: people who have interacted with your marketing via a landing page, website or social media but are not yet committed to making a purchase.
  • Sales qualified lead: identified prospects that have actively contacted your business or filled out a contact form to make a purchase, this is the desired result of a marketing qualified lead.
  • Information qualified lead: those that subscribe and engage with high quality blogs, articles and pages. This entices the customer to your business via 'gifting' them with relevant information.
  • Product qualified lead: potential customers that sign up to a trial run or a free offer of your product or service. Think of how effective the taste testers are in your local ice cream shop.
  • Hot lead: similar to a sales qualified lead, a hot lead is an identified prospect who has directly interacted with your business and is eager to start buying.
  • Warm lead: someone who has shown interest but hasn't directly engaged with your business. This can look like a person who has liked your facebook account or signed up for a newsletter.
  • Cold lead: people or businesses who have shown no interest in the product or service. They are usually reached through paid advertising or telemarketing.

One of the most important aspects in attracting these leads is identifying your specific target market. This allows us to create a detailed and strategic approach that remains focused on gaining real results for your business. The alternative is broadcasting your message across a range of different channels and hoping someone is listening. What would you prefer?

It’s 2021, our attention spans are dropping and the need for digital specialists, strategic communicators and search engine optimisers are becoming a necessity to keep us engaged.


How will we be different from the last digital marketing agency?

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Every decision we make is based on getting you the maximum return on investment.

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We only make money when you do. We’re in it for the long haul, not quick wins.

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Industry changes and shakeups? We’re the first to know. Ever updated and adaptable.

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What are lead generation services?

Lead generation services is an umbrella term for attracting, nurturing and converting potential customers. Seems fairly straightforward, so why can’t your sales team generate quality leads?

Lead generation is a common challenge for most businesses and for good reason. Despite our simplification of the process, each channel used to generate leads requires its own tailored strategy. These techniques range from SEO campaigns, content marketing, targeted advertisements to website optimisation. These campaigns can be time consuming, expensive and ever-changing.

There are two overarching approaches to lead generation services, these include:


Works organically to identify and reach your desired target market. This is considered more of a long-term model for your business as it aims to build brand trust and loyalty over time. It eases customers into having a conversation about your product or service.


Broadcasting a message that is targeting everyone, including those that have shown no interest in your business. This is usually more expensive as tactics include cold calling, email marketing and paid advertising to a broad audience. This lead generation method is interruptive and can lead to a large amount of waste.

With the increase of accessibility to the internet, comes an increased importance of a digital campaign that delivers high-converting leads. It’s vital to use platforms that your target audience favours when considering the array of different lead generation services. If your desired target audience is aged between 18-29, then you should be focused on social media marketing.

By prioritising platforms, you free up time and money that is being invested in other channels that might not even be reaching your desired target audience. This maximises efficiency and ultimately leads to a return on your investment as misdirected marketing can lead to wastage.

What platforms should you be prioritising?



What are B2C and B2B sales?

There isn't an evenly paved road to result-focused lead generation that can be used by all.

The road to more leads is designed around your business and who you are selling to. Our digital architects have the experience to build these roads and mental agility to continue optimising them.

There are two different types of sales we consider when designing your road. They share the same need: more leads, the techniques used to reach them are vastly different. These include:


Is business to business sales


Is business to customer sales

When creating strategies for B2B lead generation, time is an important consideration. Your prospects are likely to take longer to make a purchase as the stakes are higher with a business purchase than a personal one. There is usually an approval process with the team and upper management which can also extend the sales cycle. Both need information before they buy, however, the way this information is structured and presented are vastly different. Our specialists continue to evolve through working on high-quality B2B and B2C lead generation campaigns. This experience has helped us to craft effective and current methods for a range of businesses.

What our clients say about our lead generation services

chris slade

Chris Slade

- The Driving School

“After our first meeting with Bambrick we were instantly impressed with their professionalism. We believe that Google Ads will be of utmost importance for our survival in this difficult time. Bambrick are very good at what they do, and are always available to chat via email or phone call. I highly recommend them.”

eric david


- CBRE Residential Projects

“We needed a Digital Agency that understood Brisbane property and how to market each location by highlighting its unique features and benefits to an owner’s lifestyle choices and/or investor. Bambrick has helped us create that and get quality leads to sell apartments off plan within a reasonable buying time."


Glennys Poole

- Altec

“Bambrick have been a breath of fresh air, they have taken the time to really understand the key aspects of our business & our market. They have always been proactive, even in challenging market conditions such as COVID-19. Bambrick researched and presented an innovative approach to ensuring our business could thrive during this period. We are now hitting a cost per lead which is half our original target and could not be happier with the service we receive. I would highly recommend Bambrick’s Digital Marketing Services.”


The importance of measurability

The ability to measure the progress of a campaign is one of the main reasons why digital marketing is surpassing traditional marketing techniques. Think of a traditional marketing strategy like getting your car serviced, your mechanic completed the scheduled service and provided you with a generic invoice. Your car works fine but you might be left wondering, could it be working better? Did they even do a full service or merely top up the oil? Now you’re out of pocket and still not fully satisfied.

This is because, you don’t actually know what the mechanic did. Seeing the ongoing progress of work and blindly trusting that the work was done are two completely different things. A digital marketing strategy has found a solution to this limitation, with the use of an extensive list of tools that provide instant feedback on your traffic, lead generation and conversion rate.

The ability to track the data during a campaign is beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • Ongoing visibility for the client. If the results aren't speaking for themselves, you will know straight away and you can hold us accountable. Unlike your mechanic, we work for your trust.
  • The ability to evolve with your desired target audience and reassess your strategies if the current method is not generating quality leads.
  • Precise targeting in your advertising and campaigns. You can use measurable data to research and collect traffic preferences, this can help to identify your clients and target them accordingly.

How we lead with our lead generation

We can tell you why we are a leading digital marketing agency in Brisbane with expert lead generation services, or you can book a strategy session and find out for yourself.

Here are the valuable benefits of our free strategy session:

  • We will diagnose the cause of your lead deficiency.
  • Learn how you can generate more quality leads immediately.
  • Gain insights into the most cost effective way to reach your target audience.
  • Information on how your business can evolve with clients in the digital space.

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Why choose Bambrick for your lead generation services in Brisbane?

There are a lot of digital marketing agencies in Australia but BAMBRICK offers more than just a digital revamp. Our lead generation services have given the standard marketing approach a well-needed facelift. We work with clients to achieve high-converting leads. This means, we don’t bulldoze your current strategy and run wild with your marketing budget. We take the time to get to know your business and create a tailored strategy that will see your wasted leads turn into sales.

So, how do we do this exactly?


As Bill Gates predicted in 1996, “Content is King” when attracting money to your business. Quality content is how your brand can establish trust with consumers, in that respect traditional marketing hasn’t changed that much. However, there are many other pieces to play in this game of chess. Digital content is useless without an audience, this is why search engine optimised content is vital if you want to be seen. Similar to traditional broadcasting, there would be a difference in return of investment for businesses that paid for a 12pm spot on television vs. prime time. With the right SEO specialists, you could see your business engaging with prime-time leads.


Have you ever signed up to a gym and expected to have abs after your first class? You find yourself in front of the mirror at home with nothing to show for the sweat but broken dreams and damaged self esteem. Well, you’re not alone as we all love fast results. Unlike the long-term commitment of a gym membership, Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising in the right hands can work fast and effectively. Our pay per click team are masters of their craft. They aren’t focused solely on how many people view the ad because that would mean they work for Google or Facebook and not for you. They are focused on specialised techniques that turn clicks into quality leads for your sales team.


How often have you visited websites because they are ranked #1 on Google only to be met with disappointment, ultimately leading to a swift exit? That is how quickly you can lose your prospects, even if you have invested money and time into the channels that led them to your landing page. Our graphic design experts understand the importance of capturing your business in an engaging format while also ensuring that the backend is enhanced for the ideal user experience.

With that in mind, our team of experts understand that the digital landscape is constantly changing and so are we. What sets us apart from our competitors is we practice what we preach. We have achieved real results on our lead generation campaigns for small businesses, international corporations and everything in between. This is through our years of experience and our commitment to continued growth through ongoing training.

Specialists are often quick to tell you everything they know, we can show you.