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Why SEO for Schools Matters

A schools website allows you to create and connect to your community. Whether you’re a:

  • private school
  • state school
  • preschool, or
  • kindergarten.

We believe that communicating your schools abilities and achievements is as important to your image in the same way a corporation nurtures its brand image. SEO is about getting everything on your website optimised, to help you communicate what you do to the community. This in turn will have an added bonus; it will improve your school website’s visibility and rankings in Google.

From the website’s wording on the page, imagery, navigation, layout and more; every component of your website matters. Getting the best results from SEO requires attention to detail in optimising your online presence. That’s not just on your website, but anything said and written about you on other websites and social media needs the same level of attention to detail and optimisation.


Why SEO For Higher Education Matters?

Higher education institutions need a more aggressive approach to marketing across all their marketing channels, SEO must be a core component of the marketing mix. Connecting with students requires marketing departments to take a more corporate style approach to the SEO campaign. A SEO campaign for a higher education needs to reach out to prospective students on many geographical levels:

  • local
  • national, and
  • international

The latter two points being more important to a college and university course/ degree program (for example), whilst the first would apply more to a TAFE campus.

Do You Run A Website Or Market For An Educational Facility?

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This Is Some Of What Your Custom SEO Package Will Include

Website Health Check

A thorough website audit helps identify areas which may be impeding positive user experiences. As part of a website audit, our team will analyse your site’s structure and navigation, look for broken links, test page speed, we check that it’s mobile friendly, duplicate content and more.

Keyword Research

An important aspect of both major Google digital marketing channels, SEO and Paid. Keyword research is the process of identifying the very best search terms for your target audience. We use a range of tools and techniques to identify the best SEO campaign keywords.

Constant updates to Google’s algorithms have made local search more important than ever before. To improve your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) visibility, we trawl data from the latest SEO trends to better optimise your site and drive qualified web traffic your way and make those all important connections.

On Page SEO

We optimise on-page signals such as content, page title, meta titles, meta descriptions, keywords, images and alt tags and internal links. This will strengthen your SEO campaign and help search engines better understand your website. Pushing it closer to the top results on SERPs where you need to be.

Off Page SEO

Search engines use off page signals, including backlinks, shared content and brand mentions, to also judge the quality and relevance of your site. Bambrick Media’s Brisbane SEO experts use search engine-friendly techniques to build natural backlink profiles with a strong emphasis on quality over quantity.

Link Cleanup

It’s best not to wait until you receive an unnatural link warning from Google before cleaning up your backlinks. Links are an important ranking signal. As part of our Brisbane SEO services, Bambrick Media provides link cleanup for businesses worried about their backlink profile. Better we do it than Google takes notice and penalises you.



A SEO Strategy Is About Improving Visibility And Increasing Traffic

SEO Is A Visibility

Both students & parents (for that matter) use Google to determine who will provide the best education, by using our SEO services, we can make sure that you are the one they come across first.

The Best Case For SEO

In a day, Google processes more than 40,000 internet searches per second. That’s more than 3.5 BILLION searches every 24 hours. From that, about 88% go to organic search results. This is why you need to use us for SEO.

More Traffic Than Every Other Source Combined

Given this is how most decisions start with a Google Search, SEO has the potential to generate more traffic and more enquiries than every other marketing channel combined. Online visibility is crucial to your continued growth and success. Without a strong digital presence, just like any business or company of any size won’t, you can’t reach your full potential.