Targeting remarketing banners to specific sites is possible, and the way we do this depends on how specific you want your campaign to be.

Managed placements allow us to place remarketing ads on particular websites by specifically indicating the URLs on which we would like your ads to appear. Similarly, automatic placements enable us to indicate the types of websites on which to place the banners, but not necessarily specifying every URL.

For example, we could use managed placements to display remarketing banners on, or automatic placements to display on all real estate sales and rentals websites in Australia.

We find that these options work for some of our clients, but not all of them. One parameter we place on every remarketing campaign, however, involves turning off remarking on certain types of websites. We all see banner advertisements every day — mostly on legitimate, legal websites — but we are all aware of the other end of the spectrum as well. Our experienced PPC strategists will put parameters in place to ensure your banners never show on websites containing questionable content, ensuring your brand is upheld at all times.

Interested in the possibilities remarketing presents? Please contact your account manager to discuss which type of remarketing will work for you and your business.

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