There are two sides to SEO:

  • Onsite content, that is the information on your website; and,
  • Offsite content, or the information on other websites about you.

If you’re reviewing the changes we have recommended in your Content Report, and you’re wondering about keywords, you’re probably bang-smack in the middle of Stage 1 — onsite content.

Without onsite content related to the key phrase someone’s using, Google can’t recognise your relevance to your selected keywords. Keep in mind Google can only read text, so it’s imperative we write engaging, keyword-rich content and distribute it on your website. Our in-house teams of copywriters are all degree-qualified and experienced in writing for SEO.

We base our copy on the information provided in your customer form, on your website, and in any other collateral, you have sent us. Our content team does their best to write relevant, engaging content within the constraints of your keywords; but no one knows your business better than you, which is why we have a strict approval process for onsite content.

We are more than happy for you to review the content we have recommended — or provide constructive feedback for us to review it — given that you do not remove the keywords. Google needs to be able to read your keywords within the copy, surrounded by other relevant and related content, and for this reason, they cannot be removed.

Later in an SEO campaign, when Google understands your authority in the industry and your rankings are strong and unwavering, we can look at reviewing the content, and sometimes even remove it. However, for now, and for a long time after, your site is unlikely to rank without it.

For more information about copywriting for SEO and the flexibility you have with onsite content, please ask your account manager who will be more than happy to assist you.

Search Engine Optimisation delivers a wealth of benefits for businesses, from greater brand credibility and customer trust to enhanced visibility in SERPs which leads to increased organic traffic. To speak with a Brisbane-based SEO specialistcontact Bambrick Media in Brisbane.