Visual content is a powerful tool to have at your disposal and there’s now a myriad of digital tools at your fingertips with which to take your online presence to the next level. Here we look at Canva, Unsplash and Easelly.

Specialising in social media images, Canva is a (mostly) free web-based graphic design application enables you to create, share and edit (among a group if you wish) images.

Along with social media images, you can also use Canva to create ebooks, pamphlets, brochures, banner images and so much more.

Unsplash is an outstanding source of high-quality, royalty-free images and an excellent alternative to Shutterstock and similar sites.

Originally the local pack appeared down below the organic listings and showed 7 businesses:

The power of the photograph isn’t one to underestimate. Quality images that captivate the attention of your audience lead to more shares, more views and more exposure for your business. Combined with graphic design applications like Canva, the possibilities are limitless.

It takes a matter of seconds to source an image on Unsplash and add text to it using Canva.

Easelly is another easy-to-use web-based application that offers a wealth of applicational possibilities by enabling users to create slick infographics with a range of built-in templates and design elements.

According to Social Report, using images in social media can increase engagement by 650%. And as infographics are viewed as much as 300% more than other images, adding infographics to your posts is a great way to engage your followers.

The engagement that images deliver helps to explain why Instagram can lay claim to having the highest user engagement numbers among social media platforms.

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