If you are having issues with PHP and need to modify the PHP directives (settings) you can change these using cPanel.

Note: If you are using cPanel on a VPS you may not be able to change the settings as described and will need to modify the php.ini file

To change the settings, complete the following steps. 

  1. Access cPanel by browsing to http://your-domain-name/cpanel, ensuring to replace ‘your-domain-name‘ with your actual domain
  2. Login using the details provided in the welcome email
  3. Under ‘Software/Services‘ click on ‘Select PHP Version
  4. Ensure the ‘Current PHP version‘ is not set to ‘native’
    (If it is set to ‘native’ you will need to change the PHP version to a non-native option)
  5. Select ‘Switch to PHP settings
  6. You will see a number of options that can be updated, which are listed below.
    allow_url_fopen display_errors date.timezone
    error_reporting file_uploads include_path
    log_errors mail.force_extra_parameters max_execution_time
    max_input_time memory_limit open_basedir
    post_max_size session.save_path short_open_tag
  7. Click on the value for the directive you wish to change (this is gray), ‘upload_max_filesize’ is used as an example in the screenshots below
  8. Change this as needed and click on Apply
  9. Click the ‘Save‘ button to save the changes

You have now successfully modified the PHP directives.