The process of selecting keywords for a Google Ads campaign is different to an SEO campaign. We have more flexibility with Ads and can target groups of words with similar meanings, which is why you’ll see longer lists of target areas, but not necessarily every variation of a word or phrase.

We build your campaign based on the information provided in your customer form, best practice Google Ads strategy and what we know of purchasing habits and your customers’ buying cycle. When selecting the keywords, we base our decisions on four determining factors.

Relevance — The relevance of each keyword to your business, and the area you wish to focus on.

Context — The context in which someone is searching, i.e. an information search vs. someone who is ready to make a purchasing decision

Search Volume — The average number of searches per month for that exact phrase.

Commercial Value — The likelihood of you making money from someone searching for that phrase and clicking through to your website.

We have a strict approval process for Google Ads keywords, so if you’re currently looking at your proposed list of keywords and would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager.