Bambrick Media are experts in helping you get the most from your Google Ads budget — part of this means accurate, in-depth reporting from which to gain valuable information about customer interaction with your website.

Tracking conversions plays a major role in our Google Ads reporting, and when installed correctly, can be an accurate gauge of your return on investment. We work collaboratively with you to determine what a conversion looks like — whether it’s a phone call, a form fill, a purchase made, etc. — and advise the most effective way to track these.

Often this tracking requires a little help from your developers, like wrapping a ‘submit form’ button or phone number in a bit of code, or creating separate ‘thank you’ pages. By working with us and your developers to ensure these things are implemented as quickly as possible, your Google Ads reporting can go from talking broadly about traffic numbers to identifying exactly how many of those people enquired about or purchased a product.

This can be particularly valuable when determining your return on investment for your marketing budget, but it also helps to reveal ways to continually improve your website and service offering. Your account manager will be able to advise you on how conversion tracking can assist you and your business.

Based in Brisbane’s Spring Hill, Bambrick Media is a direct response digital marketing agency. Along with Google Ads, our services include Social Media MarketingSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO)Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and Website Design.