So, you want to appear at the top of Google? Well, we’re more than happy to help.

Bambrick Media is one of Australia’s leading digital marketing agencies, specialising in helping our customers get the most out of Google.

There are two ways to get to Google’s sought-after top results. The easiest way to think about them is by placing yourself in the mind of your customer.

As all of us use Google on a daily basis in a customer context when searching for products and services, chances are you’ll have noticed that there are two different listings in your search results. At the very top of the search results are listings known as Google Ads, which are listings that those websites have paid for. The other results — organic positions — are listings which haven’t been paid for, and it’s these listings that consumers tend to trust the most.

So, how do these organic listings appear in your search results? When crawling the internet, Google identifies these ads as being the most relevant to the search query. To do this, it uses an algorithm that considers hundreds of factors. And this is where we enter the picture.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a service that Bambrick Media provides which applies our extensive (and growing) knowledge of Google’s ever-changing algorithms to websites like yours. The outcome? In addition to elevating a website’s position in Google’s organic listings, SEO delivers many benefits, of which one of the most obvious is that consumers place more trust in organic listings. What’s more, as shown in numerous studies, only 12% of clicks go to Ads whereas 88% of clicks go to organic listings.

So why choose Google Ads? One of Ads’ main benefits stems from SEO’s biggest and most notable disadvantage — Google Ads listings can be created and appear in search results immediately whereas you’ll need to wait at least six months for SEO to bear fruit. The immediacy of Ads can prove advantageous when promoting seasonal products and services — for example, Christmas events and EOFY sales — because Google Ads can be turned on and off to suit your marketing needs.

While paying for SEO all year in order to appear for some searches may not suit your business needs, that doesn’t mean these searches aren’t relevant. Google Ads provides businesses like yours with greater flexibility in which search results your website shows for. This enables you to try out new and emerging markets, promote seasonal products and services, and broaden your online marketing horizons beyond the limits of SEO.

At Bambrick Media, we advise our customers to use a combination of Google Ads and SEO to ensure a well-rounded search strategy. Each plan is different and entirely dependent on your needs. Talk to us today about how we can help you find what’s right for you.