Checking the search volume on different phrases and keywords provides us with valuable insight into the marketplace. Due to huge variances in the English language, there are infinite ways a consumer can search for the same product or service. In English, many variations of words can all mean the same thing, so it’s important to consider search volume to ensure the keywords you’re working on are the right ones for you.

Keyword Planner is a tool Google provides for its Google Ads customers, one which enables us to see how many searches there are per month for an exact keyword. This not only assists us in selecting valuable, high-volume keywords for your campaigns, but it can also help us understand how your market interacts with your product/service.

For example, many of our SEO and PPC clients use industry-specific terminology every day, and some aren’t sure if their customers think about their services in the same way. By checking the search volume on a selection of both industry jargon and layman’s terms, we can see which terms are widely used and whether your customers are adept at your way of speaking.

If you’d ever like more information on keyword volumes, or if you’d like us to run some tests for you, please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager.

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