Bambrick Media provides monthly reporting on all our digital marketing products — including SEOSocialGoogle Ads and remarketing. Seeing as remarketing is a paid Google product, if you’re running Google Ads as well, the two reports will be combined.

Your remarketing reports will be sent monthly by your account manager and will include a small summary of your campaign indicating the most valuable pieces of information. Each report will be followed by a phone call in which you can discuss the progress of your campaign so far, as well as any questions you may have regarding the report itself.

When looking at a typical remarketing report, it’s important to look for two things: click through rate (CTR) and impressions.

Impressions indicate the number of times your banner advertisements have been seen across the web that month. It isn’t the number of people who have seen the ads — if one person has seen your ads 30 times, that counts as 30 impressions. Similarly, if someone was scrolling through a website where your banner ad was down the bottom of the page, and they didn’t scroll down that far to see it, that won’t count. Impressions are each time your ads were actually seen by customers on your list.

Your CTR is the number of people who have clicked on an ad and been through to your website, compared to your impressions. Seeing as remarketing is a branding exercise designed to encourage later return visits — not necessarily click-throughs when a customer is looking at something else — this percentage is often very low, often around 0.03%.

If you ever have any questions regarding the way Bambrick Media conducts reporting, please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager.