Google is essentially a large database. When you Google something, in the time it takes for Google to bring up results, Google isn’t searching the entire web — the web is too large and vast to do so in 0.0003 seconds (or whatever it takes). In that time, Google is searching its database, where it has stored all of its findings so far, related to your search query.

Indexing is the process of Google crawling your site, and realising your page/site’s relevancy for a particular keyword. It is then stored in Google’s giant database, and that is indexing. It means it is ranked, even at a very low position, but at least recognised by Google as in some way as relevant for that search query.

Over time and through further optimisation, the page/site will move up further within the ranks, further and further towards page #1 and towards position #1, as Google recognises more and more its higher relevancy for that particular search query.

If your website isn’t indexed by Google, you’re not going to show up in its organic search results. There are a number of reasons why your website isn’t indexed, such as:

New website — It’s common for new websites to take a few days before they show up in Google’s organic search results. Provided that your sitemap has been added to Google Search Console and is working correctly, this is a temporary issue that will be resolved in a few days.

Duplicate content — Duplicate content issues are a common reason for Google not indexing a website. Search engines can be confused by duplicate content and prevent them from indexing it, so ensure your website content is fresh, original and differs from page to page.

Robots.txt — Another common reason for Google not indexing your website is that it has been blocked using the robots exclusion standard, also known as the robots exclusion protocol or simply robots.txt. Ask your developer to make sure that robots.txt isn’t blocking Google from crawling your website.

Connectivity and slow websites — If your hosting service provider isn’t reliable and your website experiences downtime as a result, Google may not be able to access and index your site. This could also be the case if your website takes too long to load.