Variances in Google’s rankings are a natural occurrence of SEO and realistically, it would be more worrying if we didn’t see some ups and downs.

There are a number of reasons some of your rankings may have moved down. Google changes its algorithm continually to keep ahead of its competitors and to filter out spam. These changes have flow-on effects and, more often than not, we see small changes to rankings as a result.

Given that SEO is a long-term process, it’s important to look at a longer time frame when determining the effectiveness of a campaign. If, over the period of several days, your rankings have decreased, it’s usually nothing to worry about. Stretch that timeframe out to a number of months, however, and we have a problem. In this case, the problem would likely lay in the makeup of your website, and your account manager would already be talking to you about how to improve the site.

For example, while sites that aren’t mobile-responsive may have seen natural variances in their rise in rankings over the past number of years, such sites would now be seeing serious decreases over an extended period of time.

Bambrick Media conducts extensive monthly reporting to ensure our customers stay informed about the progress of their campaigns. While this provides a valuable insight into performance in some areas, it is often good to see the bigger picture. If you would like to request a six-month report — or one that shows a longer period of time — we will be more than happy to provide you with one.

Our account managers are always open to discussion about the performance of your campaign; so if you’d like to know more about ups and downs in rankings, please don’t hesitate to let us know.