Here’s a look at the steps required to provide us with visibility of your Google AdWords Data:

1) Go to Google AdWords:

2) Login with your Google Account details (this should be the same account you use for other Google services, like Gmail, etc., for example, [email protected], OR [email protected] OR sometimes [email protected].

3) Click on the “Tools” menu (Spanner icon) then select “Account access” in the Set Up column on the right.

4) Click “+” button.

5) Under “Invite others to access this account”, enter the email addresses of the people you want to share account access with ([email protected]) and select the appropriate level of access you wish to provide.

If we’re just reviewing your account at this stage you may wish to choose just “Read & Analyse”, however, if we are going to be working on a campaign for you, we will need full access.

When you’re done, click “Send Invitation” to confirm.

Once complete, notify your contact at Bambrick Media and you’re all done.