One of the main advantages to Google AdWords is that it takes significantly less time to set up than many other marketing campaigns today. That being said, the length of time taken to set up an AdWords campaign is entirely dependent on the active participation of our clients.

We want to ensure we’re doing the best job possible for you, which is why we ask quite detailed questions at the beginning of a campaign and try to gain the most information possible. The more we know about your business, products and services, industry, customers, and buying cycle, the more targeted and relevant the campaign we can create. In turn, the more your customers see a targeted campaign that is highly relevant to them and their needs, the more likely they will be to click through to your website and make an enquiry.

For this reason, it is imperative we have your completed customer forms back as soon as possible and are granted full access to all logins we require. We also require your attentiveness and participation when it comes to reviewing the ad focus areas and proposed text. When we work together, AdWords campaigns can go live within 5 working days, however, delays can push these timeframes out to over a week.

If you have any questions about how you can help your AdWords campaign go live, please contact your account manager.