Off site SEO vs. On site SEO 

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. When using SEO strategies, you use certain techniques and follow different algorithms to ensure your web page ranks higher in google search results or other search engines. 

While there are many types of SEO, such as on page, off page, local SEO, and even technical SEO, we’ll just be covering the difference between the main two:

On page SEO strategy 

On site or on page SEO takes place on your website. Using keyword research, on page SEO works to optimise your web page’s word use and structure to boost your website’s rankings in the search results and drive organic traffic towards your content.

Off page SEO strategy 

Off site or off page SEO refers to all the SEO tactics that take place outside of your actual website. Off page SEO techniques help drive traffic to your ‘on page’ content. With these strategies you also build your brand, increase the domain authority, and ranking factors of your website.

Off site SEO examples

Off page SEO is more than just building upon natural links. Although implementing a link building tactic can provide your site with great results for your site’s popularity, off page SEO links should work with other off site tactics for the best possible results. Here are some typical off page SEO examples:

  • Link building. Link tactics such as building links are a great SEO tool. While nofollow links do not help SEO, strategies such as broken link building are one of the greatest off page SEO tactics. 
  • Content marketing 
  • Brand building
  • Social media marketing
  • Brand mentions 
  • Influencer marketing 
  • Guest blogging 
  • Reviews and forums 

Why should you use off site SEO?

If you want to increase your authority and the organic traffic that flows to your site, you should use off page SEO techniques. Not only will they increase the number of visitors your website receives, but your place on the search engine results page will also improve. 

But is it really worth all the effort? 

Don’t underestimate the importance of search engine ranking. When was the last time you clicked to the second page of search results? Let’s be real, anything past the first page of results is for desperate people. Help cement your place at the top of google’s search results by using off page SEO.

Off site SEO is all about exposure. Through outside marketing such as social media mentions or presence, your brand or company will be exposed to more organic website traffic. With an increase of visibility and link building, your website rank on the SERPs will rise. 

By using off page tactics you will constantly have an edge over your competitors. Reach your audience the best way possible by using SEO.

Which off page SEO tactic is right for you?

Now that you know the importance of off page SEO efforts, what should you do? Where should your off page optimisation journey start?

First, you should identify where your website is lacking. Do you have anything linking to your site? Do you use backlinks and broken link techniques? How is your social media presence? Do you have an online reputation? 

You must understand your website, brand, and company before you can make a true difference with an off site SEO campaign. 

For example, if you’re a company targeting young people, your first step should be social media marketing. If you don’t have any exposure on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook but that’s where your target market is, this needs to be fixed ASAP! 

Take advantage of the fact that we’re in the digital age. Build your links and connections and get the exposure you need to get your website off the ground! 

Start your off site SEO journey today!