As a Business-to-Business (B2B) organisation, you have some unique challenges when seeking out new ways to connect and stay connected with your target audience. Successful B2B companies are all using the internet to enhance their trade, where their website is an active shop front and a deep well of information.

This is why you need a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) marketing strategy to ensure that you stand out from your competitors. The importance of SEO for B2B cannot be underestimated. It is also, by far, the most cost-effective marketing channel you have available.

Like any marketer in the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) market, B2B marketers need to increase an organisation’s visibility in a crowded marketplace. You can be 100% certain that the competition is doing the same thing. B2B brands need to appear at the top of Google’s organic Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). As with all highly competitive environments, it’s essential to gain a competitive edge by fully utilising the digital marketing channel of SEO. 

But what makes an effective B2B SEO strategy? What do companies need to do to be successful in SEO  for B2B marketing? Well, getting our SEO for B2B businesses agency to design your SEO strategy is a starting point toward your ranking higher than the competition. Let’s take a more in-depth look at what else you’ll need. 


How Does An SEO For B2B Strategy Work?

You can’t get to the top of the SERP without a foolproof content strategy, and in order to get one, you need to understand how these strategies work. So, first thing first: how does an SEO strategy for a B2B business work?

SEO for B2B companies must be approached as a long-term investment in your future and the future of your business. The complex process of getting you to outrank your competition starts with choosing the right search terms, also known as keywords. Keyword research is about finding out what your target audience wants and why (also known as user search intent) and matching it to the solutions you have to offer them.

Keywords, or search terms, as they are sometimes called, are essentially what people will type into Google to find businesses like yours. Choosing relevant keywords is a vital part of all SEO strategies. Without the right keywords, you could completely miss the mark with your target audience and your business will be further down the search results page. This part of the SEO marketing strategy process can be distilled into three steps:

  1. Finding the best keywords. We use our extensive knowledge and keyword research tools to investigate what search terms your potential clients type into Google when searching for something, and which ones have the largest search volume.
  2. Optimising your website for these target keywords is the next step. We have a number of keyword plans to suit your budget, all of which cover webpage copy, meta titles and meta descriptions. 
  3. Creating content about your business and how your unique offering matches the needs of other Australian businesses. As part of your B2B SEO strategy with us, we will produce optimised content for you.

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What Your SEO Strategy For B2B Needs

An important part of SEO involves using an arsenal of tools to learn what your target market is searching for and then rank #1 for those search terms. As well as the keyword research, you’ll need:


A website audit or ‘health check’ helps identify areas that may be impeding positive user experiences. You can use a variety of tools, including Google Search Console, to conduct the audit. As part of a website audit, our team will analyse your site’s content, structure and navigation, look for broken links, test page speed and more.


Constant updates to Google’s algorithms have made local search more important than ever before. To increase your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) visibility, we draw data from the best SEO practices to optimise your site and drive qualified web traffic your way.


Quality backlinks are important ranking factors, good ones tell Google that your website is authoritative, and bad ones damage your online reputation.

It’s best not to wait until you receive an unnatural link warning from Google before cleaning up your backlinks. You just can’t take any chances. As part of our technical SEO services, BAMBRICK provides link building and cleanup for businesses worried about their backlink profile.


This is a process of fine-tuning your website, we create the on-page signals such as title tags, content, blog, posts, keywords, internal links, images and their alt tags. We can refine your SEO campaign to help search engines better understand your website. Over time, this helps to improve your site’s search engine rankings and visibility, pushing it to the top results on SERPs over time. On-page SEO is a continual process, we never stop.


Search engines also use off-page SEO signals to rank websites. These signals include factors like backlinks, shared content and content marketing, as well as brand mentions on social media. These signals allow Google to judge the quality and relevance of your site. BAMBRICK’s Brisbane SEO experts use search engine-friendly techniques to build natural backlink profiles with a strong emphasis on quality over quantity.


Our results-centric SEO team optimises every element of your website, making us the best SEO company for B2B companies. This usually includes copy, code and content so that Google sees your business as the most relevant and authoritative source on that topic. Find out what our custom SEO for B2B strategy package can do for you and your B2B business.

Why You Absolutely Need SEO For B2B To Stay Competitive


Australians make over 40,000 internet searches per second, every day. That’s over 3.5 BILLION searches every 24 hours. From that, about 88% go to organic results.

People use Google (a lot) to determine who and where to get anything from. By tapping into our industry-leading expertise, we can make sure that your business is the one seen in the first place on Google SERPs.

While these statistics may appear daunting to the untrained eye, to us it’s a challenge that we meet, day-in day-out. This is what we’ve done for over 20 years for hundreds of clients.


Since all B2B purchasing decisions will involve a Search Engine, an SEO for
B2B marketing strategy has the potential to generate more traffic and more sales than all other marketing channels combined.

Your online visibility is crucial to your business’s future success. Without a strong digital footprint, your business, as with all businesses of all sizes, won’t reach its full potential.

You can achieve that visibility by working with us. We want to be more than just another SEO agency. We want to be a department of your company working alongside you, delivering new leads.


With SEO at the core of our digital agency, we will collaborate with you and your team to increase your online visibility, driving high-quality traffic to your website with a cost-effective SEO campaign. Find out what our custom SEO for B2B marketing strategy packages can do to transform your business.