In a digital age where information is just a click away, being a doctor or operating a healthcare practice isn’t just about healing and caring; it’s about making sure your medical practice is easily discoverable in the competitive online marketing landscape.

With more and more prospective patients searching for health information online, it’s essential to have a solid digital marketing presence. Not just any online presence but an optimised one.
That’s where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in. As a healthcare provider, it’s time to embrace the power of search engines and take your business to the next level.

Read on to find out how to do SEO for medical practices that is perfectly tailored to your healthcare facility to get you ranking higher in a busy digital landscape.



How SEO For Healthcare Providers Works

The healthcare industry may be competitive, yet the growth opportunities are boundless.

To attract new patients, your healthcare business or medical practice’s marketing plan must focus on your online presence to be truly competitive. Most importantly, you need a marketing plan that aligns with your potential patients’ concerns and your practice’s digital goals.

Not just any online marketing strategy. The unique challenges of the medical industry demand a specialised approach to SEO — one that respects patient confidentiality, aligns with medical regulations, and stands out in a saturated market.


How Does SEO for Health Businesses Differ from General SEO?

Any SEO for a health and wellness business has additional considerations compared to general SEO practices. Some of the key differences include:

  • Regulatory Compliance: Being mindful of government regulations, especially regarding patient privacy and data security.
  • Expertise and Authoritativeness (E-A-T): Google values expertise. You will need to demonstrate expertise using authoritative contributors and provide accurate medical information. This all contributes to positively impacting your SEO.
  • Content Quality and Accuracy: This is part of your reputation management. Health and medical content must be accurate, up-to-date, and written by professionals in the field to avoid harmful or misleading information.
  • Appropriate Keyword Research and Use: You may be looking for keywords for illness names, anatomy or even surgical procedures. Unfortunately, advanced SEO for doctors, and healthcare in general, often involves complex terminology. You need to consider your target audience’s language when crafting your content.


The Wise Financial Investment Of SEO For Hospitals, Doctors & Healthcare

Taking your patients’ trust in you to the next level by investing in a digital presence has the additional benefit of being a wise business investment.

There are 4 main reasons to seek out a team experienced in healthcare SEO services that can tailor your message to a target audience and ensure your medical practice or wellness centre shines online.


Measurable Outcomes

Get a cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising. An online marketing plan focused on strategic SEO for allied health professionals will drive a return on investment for every dollar you spend.

From clever keyword research to making your business more visible by using techniques such as Local SEO for healthcare providers, digital marketing ensures you connect with visitors who are actively seeking your services. No more unpredictable results. Instead, you have digital marketing with measurable outcomes.


Greater Trustworthiness

Be seen as a reliable source of care that patients can trust, built through your online reputation.

Establish your medical practice as a trusted authority with an optimised online presence. Strategic SEO for medical websites helps boost search engine rankings and builds credibility by enhancing your content and showcasing the online reviews of local patients.


Increased Visibility

Patients rely heavily on the internet to find healthcare solutions in today’s digital era. To stay ahead, your practice must have a solid online presence. Our specialised SEO for hospitals, healthcare and medical practices guarantees that when patients search for the medical services that you provide, your medical practice website will be the first one they come across.


Be Seen As A Leader

Stay ahead of the competition in the evolving medical industry when you use a specialist SEO agency for healthcare providers to keep you recognised and lauded as cutting-edge. An expert SEO team will keep you up-to-date with industry trends, search engine algorithm changes, and best practices, ensuring your online presence stays solid and relevant. Trust us to keep you ahead of the game.

SEO isn’t just for commercial profit-driven organisations. There is real value in using SEO services for healthcare industry purposes. Clever optimisation of your web pages can result in hundreds more patients seeking your medical services.



Best Solutions For SEO for Medical Practices

At BAMBRICK®, we’ve spent years deep-diving into the world of medical SEO, encompassing every aspect that can influence your digital presence. There is real value in using SEO for healthcare industry purposes to give your website traffic the boost it needs.

For too long, marketing for doctors and other healthcare practitioners has solely aimed at paid advertising, such as Google ads, to lure targeted traffic (your prospective patients) into your surgery. While this has its place in digital marketing, SEO opens up a new target audience by targeting organic traffic (people who find you online without a paid advertisement).
Wherever you are looking for SEO support – whether it’s for medical practices, in surgeries, hospitals, offices or medical centres – it’s an invaluable asset.

Our team of SEO specialists have long become the leaders in SEO for health sites, including tailored strategies for:

  • Keyword Strategy Development
  • On page optimisation
  • Local SEO Management
  • Technical and Off-Page optimisation
  • Ongoing authority building
  • Google Business Profile management
  • Performance tracking and reporting


Why Local SEO For Doctors and Healthcare Businesses Matters

Local SEO is a set of strategies and techniques designed to optimise your medical practice’s online presence so that it attracts more local customers. The goal is to increase your visibility in local search results on search engines like Google. This is particularly important for health and well-being businesses that serve specific geographic areas and who have a physical location.
Well-optimised Local SEO for healthcare businesses can be the difference between new patients walking through your practice’s doors instead of choosing your competitor in the same suburb.
There are some great business benefits from the perspective of getting more leads and more potential clients using great techniques, such as Google Business Profile (once called Google My Business) optimisation, targeting location-specific keywords, local link building, mobile optimisation and a range of other strategies.


Our SEO Packages’ Process and Timeline


Optimising your Google Business Profile (GBP) is essential to local search results. GBP allows you to list your address and contact details as well as the medical treatments and services you offer – and much more. This is one of the first things we do because it’s one of the most important. GBP is just one pillar of an effective local SEO campaign.

Having you listed in directories (this is called local citations) is another way. We take some of the details using your GBP profile and post them to dozens of online directory accounts that we create on your behalf.

For citations, just as we do for your GBP, we focus on the consistent presentation of a medical practice’s name, address and phone number. This consistency creates clear signals to Google about you – in fact, dozens of signals. The greater the consistency, the higher your visibility will be.



Content is king when considering SEO services for doctors and other medical practitioners. Reviewing your current website content and looking at what you are being found for in online searches is the next major step in our SEO process.

Once we have established where you are, we can create an SEO strategy for your content that will help take you to where you need to be. This starts with keyword research. This is the process of investigating the search terms (also known as a search query) that you need to be found for.

We then create a search query listing from the thousands of potential keywords to the ones needed to get you to the top page of Google, based on the budget assigned to your SEO campaign.

Google thinks in themed pages, so mapping the keywords shortlisted is the next step. We can either map them to existing pages on your website or create new ones. We choose by knowing what offers the best chance of getting the best Google rankings *insert link* for you.



This is when you implement the new content and structural changes on our website. In short, we are updating your web pages with the right keywords on the chosen pages they have been mapped to which are now heavily themed. This is needed to get your medical practice website’s SEO Campaign noticed and ranked by search engines. If you have your own web team, then we’ll work with them to get this implementation happening.

We’ll also quality-check the work every step of the way. It’s important that you are 100% sure that the implementation matches your brand but is balanced with the SEO requirements that will see your pages rank.



We will conduct a technical audit, which is a comprehensive examination of the technical aspects of your medical practice’s website to ensure that it is optimised for search engines and provides a positive user experience.

It’s during this process that we will work with you to improve your website’s speed and performance, examine its site architecture and look for technical issues that can be fixed.

This is an important step in identifying and addressing issues that may hinder your medical website from performing well in search engine results. It helps ensure that search engines can crawl, index, and rank the site effectively while providing a seamless experience for users.



Google loves other people on websites of a higher authority than yours to talk about you. In fact, it rewards you for it by passing on some of the domain authority from the other online pages that link to your site. These are called backlinks and they are important to building your domain authority so that Google prefers your site over a competitor who may have less trustworthiness.

An ongoing investment of time and budget will be used to grow your website’s Domain Authority (DA). We go about this by creating great content – often called backlink editorials – for publication by well-recognised online sites. While the articles are not always about your medical facility, they will be on relevant subjects and will backlink to the pages that you most want to boost. This allows the search engines to follow the links from the site your article has been published on to your web pages to boost its domain authority.


SEO: The Digital Marketing You Really Need To Invest In

SEO is one of the few digital marketing tools that gives the health sector, often small businesses, the opportunity to compete alongside existing players, larger companies with large budgets. Unlike Pay Per Click (PPC), you don’t need money or a daily budget to stay visible. Instead, you invest in web design, web development and content writing services.

Investment is the key to SEO, is also about investing time and effort if you’re going to run a SEO campaign successfully. You’ll need to commit to producing content regularly and analyse your results to beat the competition. You’ll also have to wait patiently for improvements. That’s why many in the industry seek a specialist SEO agency for doctors and health and wellbeing practices, who can devote the time and expertise required.

Successful SEO campaigns are not immediate. Everything about SEO takes time, more like a marathon than a sprint. However, over the long term, all of the effort builds your reputation, and visibility and traffic will come to your website in the numbers needed to help beat your competitors.


Book Your SEO For Doctors & Medical Websites Strategy Session Today

Find out how your medical practice can use SEO to connect with the community. SEO for medical websites can apply to doctors and healthcare businesses wherever they are situated anywhere in Australia. This includes SEO for hospitals, doctors, medical centres, private healthcare practices. There will be something we can do for you.


Why Medical Professionals Need SEO To Stay Connected With The Community


People use Google to determine who is best placed to provide them with the treatment they and/ or their family need. By using our SEO services, we’ll make sure that your medical expertise and experience is in the SERPs listings that they see first.

Google processes up to 100,000 internet search queries per second, every day of the year. That’s more than 8.5 BILLION searches every 24 hours. The average person carries out three to four searches per day.



SEO has the potential to generate more traffic and more leads than every other marketing channel combined; even Google Ads or any other pay-per-click marketing channel can’t compete.

Your online visibility is crucial to your patients. Without the strong online presence you need, you won’t reach those who need to when they need to.

Achieve that degree of visibility by working with an established Brisbane SEO agency that only ever uses established white hat SEO techniques. With SEO at the core of our business, we will collaborate with you to obtain and maintain your online visibility that drives quality qualified traffic to your medical practice website.