Bambrick Media are experts in digital marketing, and have an experienced team of strategists who are dedicated to ensuring our clients get the most out of their campaigns.

On an ongoing basis, there are a number of things our AdWords team will do to improve your campaign, some of which are listed below. Many businesses do not have the resources available in-house to perform this kind of daily management, which is where we come in.

If you’re currently running AdWords yourself and would like us to check if there is room to optimise your campaign, please let us know.

Google AdWords Management Inclusions:

Eliminate unwanted clicks — Conducting full negative keyword analysis to identify any new negative keywords that should be added to your campaigns.

Trim off poorly performing keywords — Pause any keywords that are triggering impressions but not many clicks.

Daily keyword bid adjustments — To get your ads showing in the ideal positions, we adjust your keyword bids daily so that changing competition for each keyword is catered for (you don’t want to end up showing ads in first position, nor do you want ads showing on page 2)

Adding new keywords — To improve the quality of your keywords overall, we monitor the actual search terms being used by your visitor. We then take any search terms that are highly relevant but are not yet keywords, and turn them into active keywords for you.

Adjusting geo-targeting — We look at where in the world your clicks and conversions are coming from, and may make adjustments like excluding undesirable or unproductive locations or focusing further on locations that have been productive for you.

Adjusting the times of day that your ads show — Often we find that there are particular times of the day where your ads are triggering clicks but those clicks are unproductive. If we identify any such times of the day, then we may pause your ads from showing during those times.

Adjusting days of the week where your ads show — There are often days of the week that are more productive than others. If we identify a day of the week that consistently performs poorly then we may pause your ad for that day. Similarly, if there is a day of the week where your ads are highly productive, we will adjust your ads to be more heavily shown on those days.

Checking the effectiveness of desktop vs. tablet vs. mobile — Each device type has a unique profile when it comes to profitability and effectiveness within your campaign — we check each device every month to make sure you are targeting the most productive and profitable devices and not targeting devices that are just costing money.

For display campaigns — Placements are adjusted to exclude any websites that are showing your ads but not getting many clicks.  We also exclude any websites that are getting clicks but not producing productive leads.

Account structure — When checking your campaigns each month, we also assess the current account structure in case your campaigns should be reorganised as a result of the data that is being collected as you get more and more clicks.

Focus on conversions — When conversion tracking is enabled, we make sure that budget is being pushed more towards keywords that have a history of converting for you, and that keywords with a poor conversion history are either paused or allocated a much smaller budget.

Test ad copy — This is the single biggest way to improve CTR, which ultimately means more visitors for less cost.

Hourly broken link checking — Sometimes if changes are made to a website without notifying the Google AdWords Campaign Manager, the changes can result in broken links, resulting in users clicking on ads that don’t go anywhere or that go to an error page. Typically, Google still charges you for these clicks. We ensure that all landing pages are checked every hour to ensure no budget is wasted on broken links.

Daily scanning for disapproved ads — Google AdWords has an exhaustive list of Advertising Policies which all Google AdWords ads need to conform to. A comprehensive Google AdWords campaign can often have hundreds of ads running at a time, any of which can be automatically disapproved by Google at anytime, causing the ads not to show and the traffic/leads to stop. We ensure all the ads in all of our AdWords campaigns are checked daily for any disapproved ads.