Drag and drop websites are very user-friendly, making them great for people who want to take control of their website, but as they aren’t 100% customisable — some parts are locked down — they’re not the best choice for a business website if you’re running Google Ads or SEO campaigns.

From a digital marketing perspective, as drag and drop websites won’t allow external JavaScript to be added — this means tracking codes can’t be added to allow the tracking of AdWords campaigns — we’re unable to see how your campaign is performing and determine which keywords, ads and other elements are driving the most valuable activity among your customers.

What’s more, this will also have the effect of preventing you from getting the full picture of your ROI and limit your ability to make informed, data-driven decisions about your digital marketing campaign. Essentially, drag and drop websites are compatible with SEO and PPC but they’re not optimal. If you’re looking for a suitable platform, we highly recommend WordPress.

As a content management system (CMS) WordPress has a lot to offer. Not only is it easy to use, but it’s a very ‘light’ platform, which means webpages load quickly, and that’s excellent for delivering outstanding user experiences. Also, WordPress is notable for the add-ons which are available — these enable you to further customise your website — and the 3rd party support is nothing shy of impressive.

Is it time to upgrade your website? Brisbane digital marketing agency, Bambrick Media, offers website design services and can advise you on the best CMS for your needs. We recommend WordPress!