We all use Google every day as a customer, searching for everything from products and services we’re interested in to medical advice, and much more.

When searching for something, you’ll have noticed two different listings in your search results. At the top, there are results that appear similar to all the other listings, but the difference is that Google has labelled these results as ads. These are called Google Ads and those websites are paying for those positions. The other results — which we call organic positions — aren’t paid for, and they are the ones consumers usually place the most trust in.

These organic listings appear because, through crawling the web, Google has deemed them to be the results most relevant to your search query. Google uses an algorithm to do this and there are hundreds of factors that it takes into consideration. This is where we come in.

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is a service Bambrick Media in Brisbane provides that applies all that we know about Google’s ever-changing algorithms to your website, helping it to rise in Google’s organic listings. There are many benefits to this, the most obvious being that consumers trust organic listings. In fact, studies show that in a typical Google search, 88% of clicks go to the organic listings, while only 12% go to Ads.

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