As a digital marketing company, we are always pushing new frontiers. We test, track, analyse and come up with strategies to help you beat the competition — hey, it’s our job!

We thought we would lay it all on the line, and show you what different strategies are giving us the best results.

Google AdWords

AdWords is one of those “evergreen” types of traffic. People searching for something online are often in a “ready-to-purchase” state of mind, and the statistics show this. With the right keyword selection and the right targeting, AdWords is an extremely powerful way to target certain segments with your message. One of the many benefits of AdWords is that you don’t need a huge budget to get started, and you can see almost instantaneous results.

With markets becoming more niche and specialised, we are seeing that laser focused campaigns are working much better than broad campaigns, in terms of measurable ROI.


This was one of the boomers in 2014. When somebody visits your site but leaves without purchasing, you can use remarketing strategies to target your ads to that exact same person. Our clients have found that remarketing using Adwords can be rather lucrative.


No matter what happens, or how many times Google changes, people will still try to get their websites to the top of the rankings page. We are noticing a lot of changes on the SEO front, but keeping up with these changes and implementing them has paid dividends for our clients.

On-page SEO (such as using header tags, and naming pages correctly) is just as important as ever, but the main changes are that Google is investigating off-page SEO more thoroughly than ever. Our Brisbane SEO team’s motto is “quality beats quantity” every time.

A true focus on customer satisfaction

Not long ago, you could upload a website, and buy a tonne of links from any shady website and you’d be dancing at the top of the search results before long. Nowadays, how much impact you have online is increasingly tied to customer satisfaction.

For example, if you have a great headline, but customers leave once they get to your website and see it was all just a charade and leave quickly, your “bounce rate” increases. Google sees a website with a high bounce rate as an indicator of poor performance, and may not rank you as high because of it.

The same happens with sites that are not device friendly — Google wants to give customers the best experience possible, and that just isn’t possible if they can’t use your website on their phone or iPad.

Take a break

Take this Christmas break to relax and enjoy yourself, but also take the time to think about how you can make a bigger impact online in 2015 — because we sure will be!

Have a very Merry Christmas from the Bambrick team!