To see a trend, we need to look at what is happening on a worldwide scale, as well as what the individual is doing. Technology has drastically altered not just our way of doing things, but also our attitudes (to a degree).

Here are some interesting things we have noticed, and below, how to combat them.

Worldwide trends

  • Mobile & device use is the new norm
  • People have chronic “information overload” due to the vast amounts of info at their fingertips
  • Entertainment is something we all want — even subjects previously considered boring are now having the magic marketing sprinkles over them to make them exciting and engaging

Personal trends

  • Impatience for slow technology — we expect everything to be high speed now
  • A need for intuitive design — the number of elderly users of iPads is staggering, and it is purely because they are so easy to learn how to use
  • Attention spans are waning — and there are literally millions of alternatives a click of a button away to what that individual is reading

What can you do to capitalise on this?

1. You absolutely, 100% need more info on your customers

What does your customer need, want, and expect? If you don’t have the data, statistics and facts that showed you exactly what your past customers have done, then you are lagging behind.

A good analytics software program is absolutely essential to success online now.

Do you know what percent of your customers buy, and if they don’t buy, do you know where on your website they exited from? Can you see why they didn’t buy, and then try to improve that problem?

This is what data and analytics give you the power to do.

2. You need a more intuitive, faster design

As soon as your customer gets frustrated, or doesn’t find the info they need within the first 10 seconds, chances are they are going to run to your competitor’s website, who can give them exactly what they want, easily. Do whatever it takes to make your design better, by implementing surveys, actually asking customers what they want, and using an FAQ page. Ask your receptionist (or anyone else who has often, direct contact with your customers) to list every question they get asked, and see if a pattern is forming.

As well as having a logically laid out site from the customer’s point of view, it has to load fast, and be easy to use on all devices — these days it’s mandatory.

3. Your content needs to be more engaging and relevant

You need to make your visitor aware within the first 3 seconds that you can solve their problems. It might not be apparent how to do this, but the right headline is a step in the right direction. How do you get the right headline? Test different ones to see which get you the right results with your analytics software.

Customers want to know that you can do the job better than others, at a price that suits them — and the only way to learn exactly what they want is by testing different approaches until you get the one that converts the best.

These are the trends we are seeing in consumer behaviour. Websites that are fast to load, interesting, and maybe even a little entertaining, intuitive and using data-driven decisions, are the ones that are generating the bulk of the revenue.

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