Your Quality Score is a rating that Google provides based on your keywords and Google Ads ads. This score is an important element of any PPC campaign, as it has a significant impact on the cost and effectiveness of your Ads campaign. The higher the Quality Score, the lower the cost per conversion, so it’s crucial to look for ways to improve this all-important Google rating.

How is your Quality Score determined?

Google considers multiple factors when determining a Quality Score, such as the relevance of the keyword, landing page and ad text, your click-through rate, and the overall performance of your Ads account. The most important element here is the click-through rate, as a strong click-through rate indicates to Google that your ads deliver a positive user experience, i.e. the ad is both relevant and helpful to the user.

How to improve your Quality Score

By focusing on several key areas and working to improve these, you can increase your Quality Score and be rewarded by Google with higher ad rankings and lower costs, which reduces your ROI. The key areas to focus on are increasing the relevance of your keywords, adding negative keywords to exclude search terms which are irrelevant, and optimising your landing pages and ad text to create better, more cohesive experiences for users.

For more information on Quality Scores, please view the video below: