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Staying Ahead Of Your Competitors

Infact, the need to increase your visibility in a crowded market place is essential. You can be certain that your competition is doing that same thing. We’ll ensure that your unique selling points are advertised, telling your competitors customers why they should choose you, above anyone else.

As with any business, you need to appear high up in the Organic Search Results Pages (SERPs), this is the list of results you see whenever you search for something on Google. With electrical services being highly competitive, it’s essential to gain the competitive edge by utilising SEO. Getting us in to design your SEO strategy is a starting point toward you ranking higher than the competition.

Be Relevant To Your Audience



How Does SEO For Electricians Work?

Investment and SEO needs to be approached as a long-term investment in your future and in the future of your business. The complex process of getting you to outrank your competition starts with choosing the right, relevant keywords.

Keywords are essentially what people will type into Google to find who provides electrical services like yours. Choosing the right keywords is an essential component of any effective SEO strategy. This part of the SEO marketing strategy can be distilled into three simple steps.

  1. Find the most appropriate keywords. We investigate what keywords your potential clients type into Google when searching for electrical services.
  2. Optimising your site for those keywords is the next step. We have a number of keyword plans to suit your budget. We select the best for your budget.
  3. Create great content about your business and how your electrical services offerings to match what people are looking for & their needs. This is how to get qualified traffic.


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Did you find this page by typing in a search term like “SEO For Electricians” into Google? Having found us amongst other SEO companies is exactly how we will get your business found online.



What Your Custom SEO For Electricians Package Includes

SEO involves using an arsenal of tools to learn what your target market is searching, then getting you rank #1 for those search terms. Keep in mind that it’s a marathon and not a sprint, but from the moment you start to implement your SEO strategy, you will see movement in your rankings.

Our results-driven SEO focuses on optimising elements of your website. Optimising your site includes working on the code and content so that Google sees your business as the relevant and more authoritative source on that topic. It then sends website traffic to you over other electrical contractors.

On Page SEO

This is a process of fine tuning your website, we define & refine the on-page signals such as content, meta description, keywords, images and their alt tags. We will refine your SEO campaign to help search engines better understand your website. Over time, this helps to improve your site’s search engine rankings and visibility, pushing it to the top results on SERPs over time. On Page SEO is a continual process, it never stops.

Off Page SEO

Search engines use off page SEO signals to rank websites. These signals include factors like backlinks, shared content and brand mentions on social media. As with On Page SEO, these signals allow Google to judge the quality and relevance of your site. Bambrick Media’s SEO experts use the latest search engine-friendly techniques to build a natural backlink profile to your website, we place a strong emphasis on quality over quantity.

Updates to Google’s algorithm continue to make local SEO vital to the success of an SEO Campaign.
To increase your SERPs rankings, we draw data from the SEO trends to optimise your campaign to drive qualified traffic to your business.
At the heart of our Local SEO Campaign is your Google My Business (GMB) profile, one of the most tools at our disposal. Local SEO allows you to sell services online, how? Just ask us.

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You Need SEO to Stay Competitive

SEO Is The Lead Generation Tool You Must Get

People use Google to determine which electrician they use. By using our SEO expertise, we make sure that your business is amongst the first in Google SERPs.

Just think, Australians are making well over 40,000 internet searches per second, per day. That’s a huge sum of over 3.5 BILLION searches every 24/ 7. From that, about 88% go to organic results – SEO is all about tapping in to the 88%!

These statistics may appear daunting, but to us it’s a challenge that we rise to meet, day-in day-out, for all of our clients for 20+ years for hundreds of clients.

SEO Delivers More Traffic And More Sales Than Every Other Source Combined

Since practically all purchasing decisions start online, SEO has the potential to generate more traffic and more sales than every other marketing tool, combined.

Your online visibility is important to your business’ future success. Without a strong digital presence, won’t reach its full potential.

To achieve that degree of visibility is simple: just work with us! We’ll be more than just another SEO agency, we’ll be an extension of your company working alongside you, delivering results.

For all of our campaigns we use (what’s known as) white hat SEO techniques, this ensures minimal negative impact on any & all Google algorithm changes, in a sense, we future proof SEO campaigns .

Make Content That’s Tailored To Your Audience

Be as specific as possible, by writing about your area of expertise and make sure your website’s content is aimed at your audience. If you stray too far from your core area of speciality, you may confuse the audience and the search engine algorithms.

Try To Create Unique Content

Ideally the content on your site shouldn’t exist anywhere else on the web, if you do use content from a third party source, publish and reference that source . Never just copy and paste text from other websites onto yours. It will never rank as high as the original, it can also trigger a Google penalty, that can cause your site to drop in search rankings. There are also legal implications for breaching someone else’s copyright.


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With SEO at the core of our digital marketing service offerings, we will collaborate with your business team to grow and maintain your online visibility and drive quality traffic to your website. You’ll learn the importance of a mobile friendly, trackable SEO strategy that will enhance your accessibility and your brand. Learn what our custom SEO For Electricians package can do for you and your business.