Retail is a fiercely competitive market. Yet despite the current challenging environment and news reports of doom and gloom, ecommerce is experiencing a revival. Online shopping has grown and may soon be the main method for purchasing goods. When consumers go shopping, they usually have a specific product in mind and the first place they are going to search for it is online.

This makes the case for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Retail websites a vital part of anyone’s marketing channel. It is an investment in your future prosperity.

SEO for retail businesses is the most cost effective marketing channel to help you face the two largest challenges all businesses face today:

  1. The Australian economy has shrunk, it will recover eventually, as always.
  2. The number of new businesses starting has grown. All of them will have an online presence and those that don’t won’t survive for long.


Standing Out From Other Retail Websites



SEO for retail websites is more than just another digital marketing process – it’s an investment. The more you invest now, the greater the returns will be in the future. Any high-ranking, high-quality e-commerce site that you go to today didn’t get there by accident. It took a lot of effort to ensure that every detail was optimised. This is achieved by placing the user experience first.


An SEO For Retail Websites Will Have You On Page #1


A Google search is the start of the buyer journey – not 100%, closer to 95%. Over the past 30+ years, we’ve focused on a number of SEO packages for businesses all over Australia. We’ve developed trusted and cost-effective strategies to ensure the right customers end up at our client’s web pages and can easily locate the products they are looking for.

Our SEO plans are designed to deliver the best results businesses need to connect with people and drive new customer engagement and increase the Click Through Rate (CTR).
Talk to us about a free strategy session so that you receive a tailored plan to drive customers to your website, We will explain to you why SEO is important for retail websites and how to gain the best from your SEO efforts.


Free Strategy & SEO Tips for Retail Websites


Lets talk. We’re one of Queensland’s best SEO agencies. Tell us your marketing problems and we will work with you to deliver a tailored solution.


The Difference We Make With SEO For Retail Websites


We’re a specialist SEO agency with 25+ years of experience behind us. We will deliver the best SEO solutions for retail websites, our greater understanding of the industry has led us to develop practices that simply work and deliver the result our clients demand.

There are 3 core values that we operate by that differentiate us from the competition. We place you and your retail website at the very centre of every decision we make; whatever you sell, whatever your SEO Budget.

  1. By understanding the importance of SEO and its impact on any retail business allows us to deliver the best return on your investment (ROI) to you. Every decision we make is focus on getting you the best ROI.
  2. As a digital agency we only make money when you do. We want a long haul working partnership, not easy quick wins. We provide you with SEO services for retail websites, we’ll take your business to the next level.
  3. SEO is constantly evolving, from Google algorithm changes to new tools and processes. We’re the first to know of the changes that affect your business for good or bad, then we adapt the campaign for the good.


Does SEO Work For Retail Websites?


To deliver the best SEO services for retail websites takes a team of industry experts with decades of experience between them. That’s us! Get a free strategy session for advice on all your digital marketing needs, from the use of paid advertising and social media to important SEO tips that will attract more clients. We have the knowledge and experience to deliver corporate quality strategies that bring you results. We’ve tailored our SEO for Retail packages and pricing to suit businesses of any size.


Some of our clients are large familiar brands, others are smaller enterprises. Regardless of size, we provide them all with the same care, use the same processes and deliver the same support to deliver the same results to all of them. We provide specialist SEO for retail business owners and managers across Australia.


What Your SEO Package Includes


An SEO campaign for a retail website can be time consuming as hundreds, and sometimes thousands of products are placed on your website. Behind the scenes, we will also be helping you optimise every element of your retail website to deliver the results your business needs for growth. These are just a few of the services we deliver to the retailers that we work with.


Every page on your site matters to an SEO campaign, from the content on blog posts to the product descriptions on a website’s shop pages. Everything adds to the overall success of a retail website. A key component of on page SEO is keyword research. We find keywords that buyers use when they start to shop around for what they need.

We take these keywords and logically group them into categories. Essentially, there are two basic types of keywords in SEO.

Short tail keywords – A short tail keyword is a phrase that contains 1 to 3 words. These are generally the broader search terms people use to find what they need.

Cheese” (1 word) is an example of a short tail keyword, whereas “How to make a cheese omelette” (6 words) is a long tail keyword.

Long tail keywords – a long-tail keyword is a highly specific phrase consisting of 3 and 4 words and sometimes more.

By applying the keywords to product and category pages (amongst others), we will start to target and attract the right customer traffic that you need as well as improve your conversion rate.

More traffic, more leads, more $!


Search engines use ranking signals. To rank within Google websites, your website must be optimised around ranking signals that we know the search engine algorithms consider to calculate its rankings. Major search engines do not disclose the details of their ranking algorithms; however, we know of many sources of information that offer insights into them.

So now let’s focus on two groups of ranking signals that we optimise websites around:

Off page ranking signals – This is what we refer to as an off page SEO campaign. This involves improving search engine and user perception of a website’s popularity, relevance, trustworthiness and authority. We achieve this by linking to and from reputable places on the Internet (pages, sites, people, etc.) to promote your website.

What’s included in the text and images on your retail website (on page), is as important as what links to your website (off page).

On page ranking signals – We refer to this practice as an on page SEO campaign. This involves optimising elements of your websites. Search engines are using indicators to rank your site from the moment your retail website loads to how users interact with it. Over and above keywords and text on the page, we ensure that image file sizes aren’t too big, that links aren’t broken, the website code is efficient, meta title and meta directions are on all key pages, and lots, lots more.

Updates to Google’s algorithm means that a campaign that delivers an effective strategy focused on local SEO is vital. Our local SEO services for retail websites were created to tap into your local marketplace. SEO is designed to draw in the RIGHT customers wherever you sell to in Australia. We focus on 2 elements that are used to boost clients’ overall local SEO campaigns.

  1. Google My Business (GMB) – The most important first step in your local SEO strategy is to claim and verify your local business’ (GMB) listing. If you’ve already done that, then we audit it to check that your business uses all of GMBs features and functionality. You’ll be surprised what can be done to draw traffic to your website.
  2. Citations – Local business listings and citations play a huge role in your online reputation. It also helps Google to localise your business areas of operation. Citations send search engines a consistent set of signals about where your business is, such as the Business Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP).



SEO For Retail Websites Isn’t A ‘Nice To Have’. You Absolutely Need SEO To Be And Stay Competitive



To answer the question “How does SEO for Retail Websites work?” Just read this statistic:

About 95% of Australians use Google to determine who to buy goods from. By using our SEO services, we can make sure that your business is the one they come across first. In a day.

Google processes more than 40,000 internet searches per second across all devices. That’s a huge amount, around 3.5 BILLION searches every 24 hours, 365 days per year. From that, about 88% go to organic results.

We’re all about getting you to be part of that 88%.


SEO has the potential to generate more traffic and more sales for your business than every other marketing channel combined.

Achieving the degree of visibility you need is essential to your businesses future. That’s why you need to work with Bambrick Media. We’ll combine white hat SEO techniques, with tried and tested strategies.

Don’t forget, SEO is a core service of ours. We will work with you to collaborate to increase and maintain your online visibility and continually drive quality traffic to your site.


We Have SEO Plans For Retail Websites Marketing Budgets


The average cost of SEO varies from agency to agency. Regardless of what package you choose to ensure, we ensure that you connect with all of your tech savvy consumers across all major devices – mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. Most consumers start with a mobile search and end with a desktop purchase. Consistency across these devices is crucial.

Before you trust your business with anyone, you need to know the firm you are working with is an expert SEO company with runs on the board. We offer the best marketing solutions for your SEO budget yet deliver you quality SEO with industry leading results.

Let us show you have to get affordable SEO services for your business, starting with a completely free strategy session.

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