What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Home Builders and why does SEO for construction companies matter now more than ever? Marketing has had a dramatic shift to the digital landscape in recent years, with Google and other search engines now being many potential customers’ first point of contact with businesses across all industries. As a result, it’s important for businesses to position themselves at the top of the search engine results pages in order to connect with their target audience on a larger scale.

And what’s the best way to do that, you ask? By having an effective SEO strategy in place.

As a builder, you need to stay focused on all aspects of your business aside from the actual building work. There are any number of things that may require your attention on a day-to-day basis to maintain your construction services. Depending on the size of your business, you may need to:

  • Check the progress of ongoing projects
  • Compile quotes for new
  • Order building supplies
  • Manage staff
  • Invoice
  • Market your business

Marketing your business can be one of the largest hurdles to overcome. That is why construction SEO is so important. It allows you to increase organic traffic to your website, and not lose them to your competitors. There are more and more building contractors and firms of all sizes chasing the same clients for the same jobs. It’s essential that you get noticed first in their Google searches.

As marketing channels go, SEO for builders is about getting your website to rank higher on search engines than your competitors. To do this requires you to partner with us to create a great SEO campaign for your business – something we’ve done for hundreds of businesses across Australia for 20+ years.

Our SEO for home builders is aimed at targeting clients early in the buying process. This strategy can give you a serious advantage over your competitors as it gets you noticed first. SEO can be a powerful marketing channel for any industry, but it can be especially powerful for industries where the buying cycle tends to be longer and more complex, such as new home construction, home renovations etc.


We Are Different In The Way We Approach SEO For Builders

  • Every digital marketing agency can promise you their SEO efforts will see you climb the search rankings ladder. But what makes us true to our word?
  • Every decision we make is based on getting you the best return on investment, from your marketing, for your SEO campaign.
  • We only make money when you get paying clients. We want a long working relationship with you, not just quick wins.
  • We keep up with all the changes in the SEO industry, meaning we’re the first to know of any updates or challenges that could impact your campaign.


  1. Keyword Research: Have the best keywords relating to your construction business. We research what your customers search for and map which web pages of yours to send the relevant keywords to.
  2. Website Optimisation: Get an updated and optimised site for those keywords, so more people can find you.
  3. Content Marketing: Have great content created about your business using the keywords.

How Our SEO Works For Your Construction Company

As an SEO company, we have spent 20+ years refining our SEO plans. Our “SEO for home builders” is just one of dozens of packages created to meet the needs and challenges of companies in the construction industry *insert and check link*. Think of us as a builder – a builder of businesses, hundreds of them over the past two decades.

We approach SEO as a long-term process that requires a lot of care, time and attention to the smallest detail. Having your own home builder SEO Brisbane team, dedicated to continually improving your online presence and strengthening your digital brand is the best way to see the real results that you need.

Our SEO tools helps us know and learn about what your home builder business target market is searching for and how to rank #1 for those search terms in organic Google search results. Being laser-focused on results means the SEO team is always looking for ways to optimise elements of your home builder website – code and content, whatever will get the best results for your business.


Why Builders Absolutely Must Use SEO To Stay Competitive


New customers online use Google to determine which builder to hire for their renovation, extension or to deliver their dream home project.

Using our SEO services, we can ensure that your business is the one they come across first.

Just think of it this way… In just one day, Google processes over 40,000 internet searches per second. That is more than 3.5 BILLION searches every 24 hours. From that, about 88% go to organic search results – this is where we’ll put you.


This is now how almost all buying decisions start. SEO has the potential to generate more traffic and land you more jobs than every other marketing channel combined. Your online visibility is crucial to your business’s success.

Without a strong online presence, no organisation of any size will reach its fullest potential.

Achieve that degree of visibility by working with an established Brisbane SEO agency like BAMBRICK. With SEO at the heart of our service offerings, we will collaborate with you to obtain and maintain your online presence and drive quality organic search traffic your way.


Discover the same strategies we use at BAMBRICK to boost our clients’ organic rankings in the shortest amount of time possible.

Our strategies are based on case studies and findings from the hundreds of campaigns we’ve worked on over twenty years.

If you want to dominate your competition online and bring in a steady stream of organic leads, then book your strategy session today.


How Long Does SEO Take To Deliver Results?

The time it takes to see improvements depends on any number of factors, some within our control, others not.

Here are just some of those factors:

  1. Your Competitors: In a crowded construction industry market, it may take longer to see results. If your business offers a niche service, you can expect to see the magic happen a little quicker.
  2. Our SEO Strategy: The strategic choices we make determine the outcome of the SEO campaign we create for you. We tailor the SEO strategy to your business needs and roll it to deliver the maximum success you need to grow.
  3. Meets Expectations: Patience is all-important with an SEO campaign. Just because everything can be online quickly, doesn’t mean that results are immediate. We plan long-term strategies with measurable results that you can expect to see after 3-6 months.

We ensure:

  • An improved visual user experience for your website users.
  • Google can read your site and rank it above your competitors.
  • From the logo, page titles, images, title tags, videos, and meta descriptions – everything matters (what your users don’t see matters as much as when they can).

We continually adjust your SEO strategy to meet the challenges these variables and others present. You will see a noticeable improvement in results as the campaign rolls on. Our SEO experts have worked on hundreds of SEO campaigns. They bring a wealth of expertise and industry knowledge that few digital marketing agencies in Brisbane can match, let alone beat.


What Work Will Be Involved?


We provide you with the best keywords for your SEO campaign. These keywords have been rigorously researched with our advanced keyword research tools and shortlisted based on a number of factors. When you are happy with your keywords, we get to work on the keyword mapping them to the pages on your site best suited for them.


Local SEO starts with a local optimisation report that will be produced if you have a physical business address and phone number that you need to be publicly advertised. This is where we create and/or optimise existing Google Business Profile (GBP) and other local business listings across the world wide web with your business information.


This report is an outline of all our website content and structural recommendations for the success of your SEO campaign. These detailed recommendations need to be implemented on your website so your business starts to show up prominently in search results.


Once you’re happy with and have approved the on-page SEO report, it’s time to implement it. Either we can implement the changes, or we will work with your current web team to get the changes made correctly.


We will also create content for distribution on other websites and social media *insert and check links*. We also provide technical SEO solutions, including our work on link building so that your website’s authority and ranking power continuously increase.