About the Wix website builder 

Wix allows you to create custom websites. 

Users create Wix sites for business marketing, for eCommerce, or even for purposes like personal blogging. Wix websites are perfect for mobile view and even allow you to use a personalised in-built SEO plan. 

You don’t need to know how to code to use Wix! Wix offers hundreds of templates to choose from and customise. There is even a free website design option where you answer a few questions and get the entire site designed just for you. 

Wix also allows you to add advanced features as you go to better suit the needs of your individual website. With this website builder you can easily design and create the professional looking site of your dreams. 

Get reliable and free web hosting too thanks to the secure servers that WIx offers. 

If you’ve made a site using Wix, keep reading to learn about Wix SEO.

The basics of an SEO strategy 

Even though Wix has its own SEO tools equipped for your sites, this blog will help you understand how Wix SEO works and why you need to take advantage of it. 

You can even make your own Wix SEO efforts to ensure that your website is optimised even more for search engines. 

Read on for some basic info about on page SEO!

Search engine results page

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. When search engines are deciding how to rank their results page, they analyse the quality and relevancy of your web page content. 

Your place on the search engine results page helps determine the organic search traffic flow that you receive. No matter how good your website, service, or products are, if you aren’t ranked well in the search results, it’s unlikely you’ll receive many clicks. 

SEO is therefore all about helping you write and design content that the search engines like so you’ll appear higher in the search results.

Google search console

The Google Search Console web service allows you to check your indexing and visibility. The console measures your search traffic and site performance, and allows you to fix issues that might exist. 

This free service is offered by Google and is a great SEO tool to help users understand how to improve the way the Google search engine sees and ranks their website.

Google analytics

Google analytics is another web service offered by Google that is a great SEO tool for optimising your site. This tool provides statistics and other analytics. It measures your advertising ROI, videos, and social networking. 

It’s a free service that helps you track website traffic, which is important for a great SEO strategy.

Keyword research 

SEO keyword research is the process of finding which keywords are most popular or relevant in search queries.  

By understanding what words and phrases are input into the search engine when trying to find certain businesses etc. it is easier to tailor your own web content accordingly. 

Implementing keyword research helps you make sure that Google sees your content as relevant and ranks it higher in the search results.

Meta description and titles 

Although meta is not directly used by search engines to help decide your rank on the search engine results page (SERP), it still affects your clicks or views. 

Both the meta description and meta title are the first thing a web user reads of your website content. Will they click on your content or scroll past you on the search results page? This could be determined by the summary and title you choose. 

Your meta needs to be engaging and an accurate summary of the web page content users will see if they click on your website.

On page structure 

When deciding your ranking, search engines don’t just look at what you have said in your content. They also analyse your formatting and structure. 

On page structure includes elements such as:

  • How many headings you use
  • How well your headings are written
  • The number of images you use 
  • The quality of your images 
  • The number of paragraphs you have
  • The structure of your paragraphs (do you alternate how many sentences there are in each paragraph?)
  • The word count of your web content 
  • How mobile friendly your content is (do you use enough headings and images to break up long sections of content?)
  • The layout of your content

How search engine optimization can help your Wix site

Wix’s SEO workflow, which is built into their customisation process, allows Wix users to build a strong SEO foundation for their content. 

Wix also offers SEO tips on their site to help you understand how to use their custom SEO to get your content off the ground and up high in the search ranks. 

Wix SEO features to help you become a Wix SEO wiz:

  • Customisable meta tags
  • New canonical tags
  • Custom URL structure 
  • Processed structured data markup
  • Instant Google indexing
  • Rendering 
  • XML sitemap 
  • Converted images for best quality 
  • Manually redirect URLs
  • Integrate Google Search Console

All of these features give Wix users a great headstart on their SEO. Use Wix SEO to meet the needs of the search engine crawlers, but if you want to ensure you have the most optimal SEO performance, you can implement further SEO using your own knowledge!


Help your Wix site rank on the search results!